Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get that heart a pumping (21 Weeks 0 Days)

Well it has been sort of a sit back and see what happens week. Megan was admitted, not to a psych ward but to labor and delivery on Monday. She went in because her heart felt like it was about to pound right out of her chest. She began to freak out because she couldn't get ahold of me. Which is understandable. After all the tests everything seemed to check out ok. (She went home an hour later) Our doctor stopped by and said it is probably due to the increased blood production due to the pregnancy. So even though all this seems to be normal the doctor would still like Megan to go see a cardiologist just to be on the safe side...she has an appointment Dec. 31st (first one available). Other than that it has all been pretty laid back and only a few things got thrown about in hormonal anger.

There was a quick ultrasound during her heart fiasco too check on the babies. Everything looked good and they all had their heads together which was a very sweet moment... until the ultrasound tech realized baby C was pounding the snot out of baby A's head!!! So we are pretty sure that this little lady will be appropriately named Rogue. Looks like a good name for a MMA Cage Fighter don't you think. She is the most active and is a VERY feisty kicker.

The only thing that seems to be bugging me is that Megan gets to feel them moving all the time but it seems as though I have the calming touch. Every time they are moving and kicking Megan has me come and try to feel them moving about...and with that they stop all movement on a dime. I hope they react this way to me once they are out of the wonders of the womb seeing as I will be at home with them.

Well here is a photo of Megan's belly on Sunday (20 Weeks 4 Days). I think she is beginning to show...

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