Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Level 2 CLEAR (19 Weeks 6 Days)

Well today was our level 2 ultrasound. It was verified today they are all three girls. Everything looks good with the development of the three girls. Another good thing was all the babies weigh the same which was 12 ounces. The pictures above are from today's ultrasound which was our longest but not as long as we expected. The ultrasound took about 45 minutes and was an in depth look at all the major organs of all three girls. The Ultrasound tech kept saying how active they were...it was hard for her to get some views because the girls kept moving around. We also got Megan's belly measurement which is now measuring at 32 weeks. It is expected that she will be measuring at full term around week 25. This ride is getting so crazy. Oh well here we go. Just remember keep your hands and feet inside the rides at all times.
The picture below is a photo of my wife and cousin this past Thursday. The wife was 19weeks 1 day and Maren would be just 5 days behind here. They are only 5 days apart with there due dates. Funny what three babies does to you.

Well that just about does it...ENJOY.

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