Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Room (22 Weeks 0 Days)

Not a whole lot of new news so I thought we would let everyone get a sneak peek at the girls room. As you can see no PINK in this room. I will also be adding a Wonder Woman symbol on one of the walls to kind of girly the room up. We also will be adding one more crib later on when it will actually be needed. We will also be putting in a ceiling fan w/ light this weekend. So the room is still very much a work in progress.

Here is our ever growing pile of baby clothes and diapers. We removed the doors to the closet and put the dresser in there to help create room for all the babies. Soon that terrible floor lamp will be gone. Wow, in this picture it looks like we live in a pig sty.

Here she is at 22 Weeks. Her next doctors appointment is this Friday. We should get official measurements on the belly on Friday.

Here is a different angle...she looks like a torpedo.

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