Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally Home!!!! (28 Weeks 0 Days)

After a week in the hospital they finally released me yesterday afternoon, wooohoo!! After reading the last blog that Ry wrote I feel the need to expand on what happened. Wednesday they were all set to transfer me until the contractions started up again. Disclaimer: might be too much info for some of you:) When they 'assessed' me I was 1 cm dilated (which I was the night before) but my effacement had gone from 50% to 70% (a sign that the labor was progressing) and additionally the doc felt some pressure, not a good thing! So they kept me in L & D and continued to medicate me. I was doing well for the rest of the day until the next morning I started having those stinkin' contractions again....and the cycle continues. They decided at that point to start me on a continuous infusion of the terbutaline. It's basically like an insulin pump that diabetics have, where the medicine infuses into my thigh tissue run by a little pump. After about 24 hours of adjustments they decided that I didn't need continues monitoring and that I could go to the mother baby unit to fine tune the dosages and such. Before I transferred (this was on Saturday) they assessed me and found that my effacement had decreased, something that is extremely rare! Saturday night and Sunday I was still having some episodes of frequent contractions requiring additional medication but finally on Monday it looked like the dosages were working!!!! Yesterday morning after monitoring, the doc said that I could go home on bed rest and here I sit:)

Even though the last week seemed like an eternity, I know that it would have been much worse if not for all the support from our family and friends. Thank you for your prayers (and don't stop now:) ), your visits and your calls, we appreciate it!

Now here are some fun photos for all of you to gawk at.

Here is Ryan with his front pack/feed bag. Guess its not made for big guys. Ryan wont be using it.

Can you tell the babies are growing? Here I am at 27 Weeks 6 Days...


The Leaf Clan said...

Welcome Home! We have been praying for you and those girls. . . keep them cooking!

Anonymous said...


I am so pleased you have managed to keep the babes inside! YEAH! I have been praying for you and the girls and thinking about you constantly! Feel free to call me anytime to chat! I can totally relate! Let me know when you feel up for company, I have some things to give you. :)

Kristen Ballard

Kathy said...

Hi Megan,

I am looking forward to coming to visit you soon and with your mom too! I am sorry I couldn't make the shower, but this way we can visit more.I am praying for all 5 of you and that those precious baby girls will wait to come out into this world when they are plenty strong. love u.