Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting closer.....

Just thought I would do a quick update since we had a growth ultrasound today. The girls are doing really well, their weights are 1lb 15oz, 2lb, and 2lb 2oz. The doc is still quite pleased with my progress but they are starting to keep a closer eye on me, with visits at least every week. All the doctor appts are really starting to cramp my social life:) We also took a tour of the NICU since the babies will more than likely be there for at least a little while. I kept saying "what a little baby" and the nurse would say "oh that's not little, that's a giant!". So I'm hoping our girls will be "giants". The staff was incredibly nice and I could see that if the girls have to go there they will be well taken care of. I think the visit made Ryan even more anxious to see the little ladies, I have a feeling I will be abandoned as soon as he can go see them, although I don't blame him!!!!

Diana (Ryan's sister who was in the hospital for the blood clots) is now home. She is still having quite a bit of swelling in her leg and is quite uncomfortable but so far everything looks good. Last night Ryan was 'stuck' with the two of us, we are quite a sight hobbling around!

Uncle Dan is still in the hospital, we are praying for him and his family for a recovery. It just seems to be one thing after another.

I know, still no pics....soon very soon!

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