Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pre-Term Labor (27 Weeks 0 Days)

Well this has been a VERY eventful 24 hours. Yesterday Megan and I went to interview a pediatrician that was recommended to us by another triplet mom in Megan's triplet mom group. We were very happy with the office and Doctors in the practice. After that we stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a few pregnancy cravings.

Once we arrived home the fun started. At about 6:30pm Megan began to have some contractions...nothing to painful but strong enough to know they were there. She began to time them and they got as frequent as 3-6 minutes apart so she called the on call Doctor. He wanted us to come in to the hospital, which turned out to be a good thing. We arrived at the hospital at around 8:30pm and she was immediately admitted and put onto an IV. Then they began to try and monitor all three babies all night long...which meant a nurse had to sit on the side of Megan's bed all night and continue to move the monitors to keep with the moving babies. With this nuisance Megan got no sleep at all last night. Lucky me, I was able to sleep in the chair that was in the room for a few hours.

At about midnight she received a series of was a steroid for the babies lungs(second shot in series will be tonight at about midnight) and then she had another shot and some pills for the contractions. 8:00am this morning they finally gave up trying to monitor all three babies on the heart monitors. Megan was finally able to lay any way she wanted uninterrupted and was able to get a little shut eye. As of today at 2:00pm the contractions had subsided to about 2-3 every 30 minutes. She is currently being transferred out of the Labor and Delivery unit and being moved over to the mother baby unit just to continue to monitor her contractions to make sure they have them under complete control.

Keep Megan and the girls in your prayers that everything will continue to stay on track...I will post any updates as they come in.

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