Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings...NO GOOD (25 Weeks 0 Days)

Since Ryan is working full time and I'm basically just growing babies he decided that I should try my hand at the whole blogging thing. So far we're plugging right along with very few problems. I'm still figuring out what not to eat, although it should have been obvious to me that the buffalo wings were not going to sit well. I was hoping however that the heartburn would have stopped after 6 hours of ingestion but no such luck.

I heard from the Dr. today regarding my glucose test, I passed. A huge relief! I am a little anemic but that's to be expected, nothing a little iron supplement can't fix.

Being home on modified bed rest hasn't been too bad. Of course I do a load of laundry and I'm done for the day, but at least I'm still allowed to go out into the general public, too bad for the general public. I think at this stage of pregnancy strangers are just plain scared of me, I'm sure the ill fitting clothes and scary hair don't help anything. I basically looked like a crazed woman that swallowed a couple of watermelons.

The girls kick at varying times, I always find it amusing when one starts and suddenly the rest are awake and kicking away. At times my belly looks a bit morphed from them moving around, especially after I eat spicy food. The other night I made a taco dish a little to0 spicy and boy did the girls respond to that. Ryan got to see one of the girls move and then was able to feel her moving around, he was pretty excited about that, I can only imagine the first time that he actually gets to hold them!!!

I really have to say the pics don't do justice to showing the size of the belly. Of course it might just be that I feel like I have 5 tons sitting on my spine!

Last night we registered, it would've been a complete disaster if not for our friend Kristen but fortunately it went very well. As we were finishing up the scanner gun started beeping and read "registry full", just another reminder that we're having three!!!
Last Saturday we had our first of two child birthing classes. We're doing condensed versions due to Ryan working and the fact that it's 45 minutes away. We really didn't glean much from it since it was mostly about labor, but we got to tour the mother baby unit as well as the nursery which was good. The instructor showed us the elevator that leads down to the NICU where the babies have a good chance at starting off at (any baby born at less than 34 weeks is an automatic NICU visit). You gotta love the people that you end up with in class, they were the entertainment for the whole thing. We saw a set of twins, one was visibly much larger than his of the mothers commented while looking at the smaller of the babies "ooo I want a little baby". I just about wet myself (that's a different issue). Really?!? A little baby? I said that I was hoping for big fat babies, don't think she quite got that! We also got quite the education from one of the birthing coaches about what they did 20 years ago.....because that's relevant to the rest of us, yes we get it, it's our first baby, you've had one before, good for you. The best was one of the guys who felt the class wasn't very entertaining and a little repetitive....I don't know if I want to know what his ideal class would be!
This Friday we see the doc and make sure everything is going well with our second birth class on Saturday....big plans.

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