Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Down 1 to GO ... Here we go. (1 Month Old)

We now have two bundles of joy at home. It was sort of a shock to us that Rogue could come home today. We found out this morning when Megan got a call from our nurse. Megan was getting ready to head down to the hospital anyways for a doctors appointment and a visit with the girls. Too her delight she was able to bring Rogue back home with her. We also have found that Daisy has taken a shining to the girls. With every goo and gah she is right by their side checking them out to make sure all is well. Diablo on the other hand doesn't want anything to do with them...he is content sleeping far away from them. Although he did walk up to Phoenix, took a sniff, then gave her a little bark as though he was unhappy with her.

Here is Rogue all ready to head home.

Daisy having a staring contest with a sleeping baby...silly dog.

Daisy checking on the girls.

Making her rounds.
Daisy would have been a good mom... Now she has the chance to help these girls grow up. Its fun watching everything going on with the girls. Tonight will be the first night with two babies at home ... we are sort of easing into this chaotic adventure we call life with triplets. We have our first of MANY doctors appointments tomorrow for both Rogue and Nix. Should be fun times...until next time. BYE.

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