Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Hurdle... (2 Weeks 4 Days Old)

Well the girls have now made HUGE advancements. First off they are packing on the pounds....well not pounds more like ounces. Phoenix is well over 4 pounds, Rogue and Jade are over 3 1/2 pounds. Other jumps in productivity would be their feedings...they are now taking a majority of their feedings by bottle or breast without any residual or spit up. Last but not least ALL the girls are now out of their isolettes and into their very own bassinets (plastic bins).

The girls are hopefully going to start their journeys home in the next couple of weeks. Now time to see the little ladies....ENJOY the pics.

Here is Jade preparing to pray.

Rogue wondering what is out there...

Rogue graduated to her new bed.

Phoenix all bundled up getting ready for a change of clothes.

Phoenix staring into oblivion.

Phoenix in her new bed.

Here is Phoenix, Jade, and Rogue. Together for the first time since the womb.


April Feusi said...

Congrats! Congrats! They are all adorable! I am so jealous! But I guess I only have 2.5 months to go! gorgeous! love the names by the way...I am a huge xmen fan!

Anonymous said...

Isn't fun to have them all together? So cute! I am so glad everything is going so well! That's great they made it into the isolettes! Step in the right direction for sure! Love the updates, I check all the time.


Kathy said...


The Texas Trio said...

That is GREAT news! Ask them about co-bedding. Our NICU had all three in the same crib together. Hope Mommy has recovered from the C-Section. Many people forget that it is a major surgery, not just giving birth:)

Keep the faith,


MJLuckett said...

Congratulations Megan!!!

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

You've got your work cut out for you.....

Tell your Mom and Dad I said "Hi"

Melodie Luckett