Monday, March 23, 2009

HOME HOME AT LAST (3 Weeks 5 Days Old)

Well BIG news... Phoenix has come home. We brought her home tonight and are beginning to settle in. Tonight should be interesting....ha.

Well here she is getting ready to go... plus a bonus vid of her sneezing.

Here is Megan working on Phoenix getting her ready to go
Here is Nix swimming in her carrier.

Here is the little lady in her new bed...she is very small.

Here she is sneezing....what a cute little sneeze.


Anonymous said...

wonderful news!!! so happy for you.

-- ashley galarza

The Texas Trio said...

Congratulations!!! We ditched the bumpers and got breathable ones once they started moving around. Let me know if you are interested, we still have them somewhere:)

Hope you got enough sleep in your previous decades:)