Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mom's home!!!! (4 days old)

Today was the end of my hospital stay, Ryan had to club me over the head and drag me out by my hair neanderthal style.......for the first time I am away from my girls. The last four days have been difficult, first the unexpected/expected delivery and now for the "baby blues" which means I cry more often than not. I think I'm starting to feel a little better now that I'm home, besides the impatience for the girls to follow suit! Before we left we went and said good bye to each of them and the nurses took each of them out of their little isolettes *pause* (crying) so we could kiss them each (still crying) before we left. Yet another road to be started in this journey, we now enter the routine of NICU visits, just when I was getting a routine with the whole complete bed rest thing..... Over all the girls are doing quite well with just about everything, Jade and Phoenix are still having spells of apnea and bradycardia but are starting to digest their food well. They are both still on oxygen although they are making progress in decreasing the amount that they need. Every day brings them closer to coming home and we cherish every bit of good news that we get. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!

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