Monday, March 2, 2009

Short Update (5 days old!)

So I don't know if it's the adrenaline or the post partum "baby blues" (don't know why they call it that, makes it seem so trivial...those of you who have experienced I'm sure relate!) but I can't seem to want to sleep, that and I needed to sterilize my pump parts anyways so I thought I would write up a quick update. Rogue is doing very well, they have increased her tube feedings and she is off of all IV fluids. She has not had any "spells" of apnea and bradycardia and is moving right along. I'm sure she'll be home before we know it! Jade is still having some "spells" but is otherwise doing well. They are continuing to increase her feedings and today they took her off oxygen. She did quite well while I was there but these things sometimes take a try or two! Phoenix scared the life out of Ryan today when she had a spell, quite scary when one minute you're talking with your baby and the next she's not breathing with alarms going off and nurses running at you!!! She's otherwise doing very well, they are increasing her feedings as well although she is still requiring oxygen, hopefully the efforts to decrease that will be successful. Each day brings more news and for the most part it has been good, please pray for the girls as they continue to grow as well as for Ryan and I as we are adjusting to our new life!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the little'uns are home! I hope you both are doing well and that you aren't too exhausted. Remember our apartment is only 20 minutes away and you are more than welcome to crash, eat our food, and sleep...kinda like what I've been doing to you guys for the past 4 years.


Auntie Di and Unkie Nate

The Texas Trio said...

Everything sounds GREAT! Just sounds like normal NICU stuff. One of our Trips had a Brady so bad when I was holding he turned blue. The blessing will be when you get them home they will sleep through ANYTHING! Plus they will be on a 3 hr eating schedule.

You all are in our prayers,