Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slumber Time (1 Month 1 Day Old)

Well night one down with only two babies... We are in for a long tired run coming up here. This morning was pretty rough for me... Very hard to actually wake up completely. Megan brought Rogue into the bedroom to have me finish her feeding. When I finished feeding her we both fell asleep in my bed. It was very sweet. She would run her hand in her hair then run her hand through my beard. She did that back and forth about 4 times. The girls first doctors appointment went well and they are both fine and well. The doctor told us everything looks good so far. Now we just need to get through flu and RSV season. Keep hands and feet inside the cabin the entire ride. Now for the PICS enjoy.

Here is Rogue and Nix sleeping next to each other for the first time.

Here is Rogue sleeping with me this morning.
Megan went to see Jade in the hospital this evening. She is doing good and will have another test this weekend. Pray that she passes the tests...we hope to get the results on Monday. We will keep everyone posted.

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