Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tubeless... (3 Weeks 4 Days Old)

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Just be aware the note at the bottom of this blog is for people hoping to come visit the babies...enjoy the updates.

Sorry its been awhile since an update, a lot has happened in the last week. First and foremost all the girls had their feed tubes removed from their noses. All of them are now doing 'On Demand' feedings through bottle. It has been a process all week getting them to this point. We have gone from occasionally trying a bottle to trying a bottle every other feeding and now they are set on only bottle feedings. Megan is still pumping but has decided to not breast feed anymore. It was her decision and is supported by me and our nurse, also a mother of triplets. Her kids were also in this NICU when they were born and are now 16 years old, which makes her the perfect nurse for us (it helps that she's also simply a great nurse!)

The girls have also all passed their hearing tests. Now they are currently on a test for apnea spells and we should get the results from that Monday afternoon. The last test they will need to take and pass will be the car seat test which requires that they can be in the car seat for 90 minutes without any 'spells'. These are all good signs that the girls are doing well.

We couldn't have everything go too smoothly.... On Saturday Megan woke up with a small amount of breast soreness. Despite it we headed into the hospital to see the girls. Once we arrived Megan began to prep Rogue for her feeding. During the feeding Megan soreness began to gain intensity and had the nurse call the lactation consultant to see if it was anything to worry about. Megan and the consultant went to the pumping room to have privacy. The consultant told Megan to pump every 2 hours and call the doctor if it got any worse. Well by the time Megan got back to the girls pod she was as white as a ghost and her nails and lips were very blue. In my opinion she looked like death. I rushed over to her and helped her sit down. Then I alerted the nurse and I began to try and reach our doctor on the phone. Numerous nurse entered the pod with juice, blankets, blood pressure cuffs, and water. They all felt like fish out of water and were telling Megan that she needed to diagnose herself because she was to big for them. They claim they only know babies. Finally we got a hold of our doctor (he just so happened to be on call this weekend and was in the hospital getting ready to deliver a baby) and he wanted her to go to the ER. First thought in my head is great this ought to be fun. Thankfully we were already at the hospital. BUT Megan told the doc that she didn't want to go to the ER....she begged. Finally it came to the conclusion she had mastitis. The doctor wrote her a prescription for an antibiotic and we headed home. Megan then stayed in bed with the mix of chills and fever. Due to her current state she stayed home today and was, for the first time since the girls birth, unable to see them. I went on her behalf and gave them all the love from their mom.

NOW for the pics.

Here is Jade just before her X-ray for a bowel obstruction, thankfully it turned out to be normal!

Here I am feeding Phoenix.

Here is Megan feeding Rogue.

I need to add this onto the end. It does look like the girls will be coming home in the VERY near future, as early as Monday. The transition from the hospital to home will be quite stressful for the girls so Megan and I are asking that we don't have any visitors for awhile. We are also hoping to try and enjoy some sort of normalcy to this whole pregnancy. Additionally Megan and I are feeling VERY overwhelmed and just need some time to decompress once the girls do come home.
When the NICU dust begins to settle we will ask that if you would like to come visit the girls that you call prior to making the trip. This ensures that we don't have too many people over at the same time as well as making sure we're available. When we start to have visitors we will ask for a few things to happen.
-Do not come over if you or anyone in your house is sick or feeling sick, especially runny noses and coughing. (For more information regarding one of our greatest fears, RSV, click on the following link: )
-Nobody under 12 years old. (until the doctor has cleared that age restriction)
-Call before you decide to come over.
-The babies cannot be held. This is to reduce the stress on the girls, they need to conserve all their energy for eating and growing:) (until the doctor has cleared that restriction)
-Be expected to wash and sanitize hands often.
This may sound a little outrageous to some but seeing that they shouldn't even be out of the womb yet we are a little over protective and as preemies they are VERY susceptible to everything. If they get sick it's back into the NICU for them and we don't want that.
Please, we ask for no visitors for the first week or so. Again thank you very much for everything and don't worry we will be begging for help once the girls are past this initial fragile state.
Be ready we will post when they come home. HERE THEY COME.


The Texas Trio said...

I LOVE the note to potential visitors! You are off to a great start being the protector of the family. My wife also had mastitis and was in A LOT of pain so I can relate. She also pumped and it actually made everything easier as you can measure all their feeds and she can rest more. Let me know if you need some good home hand sanitizer. We bought what the hospital used and it was great.

If you need a car bed let me know, I will send you the one we had to buy when our runt of the litter failed his car seat test.

Keep the faith,


Kathy said...

I have tears in my eyes after reading your blog. I am so happy for you 5 and will be praying for all of you. God's blessings on you during this transition.
Beautiful Babies!

aunt pam said...

Good job on the boundaries!! Important to keep those girls healthy! :)