Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Due Date... (2 Months Old)

It's been awhile since I last updated and thought I would do a quick update before the next feeding. It has been a VERY frustrating week since I last posted. Megan and I have now seperated the feedings into two section...we are each responsible for one of them. I am in charge of 4pm 8pm and midnight. In turn Megan has 4am 8am and noon. Our sleeping schedules are REALLY screwed up and sleep is sort of a loose term we use around here.
Few updates about their weights....we are worried about Jade seeing as how she had no weight gain at all. Other than that they all are the same length 20". The doctor has now put her on OnDemand feedings...with one baby it would be easy with two others in tow VERY difficult. Jade is now also on Zantac twice a day.

Rogue 6lbs 15oz
Jade 5lbs 12oz (no weight gain)
Phoenix 7lbs 0oz
We have also found that they like to sleep during the day and "scream" ALL night long. I am trying to adjust to this seeing as how I am in charge of the night feedings. Glad I shave my head because I would probably want to pull all my hair out. Oh step at a time. We keep telling ourselves that this is only a temporary phase in this grand scheme we call life. I just wish they could tell me why they are screaming that would make my life soooooo much easier. Oh well ....
The weather here has begun to warm up a little and we even had the opportunity to go out for a walk....problem was it began to rain when we were the furthest from the house. It was a LONG sad wet walk back home. Lets just say the next walk will be on a cloudless day. Well off to feed the girls...until next time. bye.

This is our dishwasher...TWICE a day. Our water bill is going to be outrageous.

The dogs were staring at the front door and nobody was there.

Snuggling with the girls.

Rogue like burritos....mmmmm

Happy cheerful Grandma's.

How is this comfortable?

Phoenix with a little smirk.

Rogue throwing "Power to the People"

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The Texas Trio said...

Sorry to hear things are not going well. Not sure if this helps but things sound kind of "normal" for triplets. Our Jackson went on Zantac because of feeding issues - he was fighting us when we tried to feed him. We went for a swallow study and found out he was aspirating his feeds. So they had us add simply thick and it worked like a charm.

The crying may just be "them" or it may be gas. You have probably already tried the anti-gas stuff. We also used Dr. Brown's bottles - the BEST for not getting gas in your babies. They are a pain to clean but hey, everything is a pain with three:)

The dishwasher brings back memories:) I would make 12 bottles at a time in pitcher with a blender. Saved a lot of time. I also agree about the hair. I shaved mine about a year after kids got here and started taking my showers at night to save time. I recommend ear plugs for the screaming, seriously - I did it. Oh yeah, we still keep some in the van:)

If you need to vent feel free to call. Only those with three or more understand.

Keep the faith Brother,