Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pee Party (1 Month 1 Week 3 Days Old)

Well Megan and I have found out that we can both feed all three girls by ourselves. Megan took a few 4am feedings on her own and I tried a midnight feeding by my lonesome. It is a task but its also very possible. Together we can feed all three in about an hour. Then we clean up and by the time we crawl into bed we have to get back up in about 2 hours. This is rough...I already can't wait till they can sleep through the night and I have just begun this journey. Oh well its part of the journey I guess.

Well onto a lighter note we have begun to have those humorous moments (not humorous at the time) that you always hear about. It all started with bath night on Thursday night. Megan just finished bathing Rogue. Megan came walking out of the bathroom with her all wrapped in a towel. All of a sudden Rogue began to pee and not just pee a little but she went a TON. Megan didnt know what to do other than to continue to hold her ... Rogue went all over the front of Megan. Worse part is that she had to re-bathe her. Despite the situation I found it funny and grabbed the camera here is the result.

Rogue's little accident.

Here is Mama trying to cuddle two screaming babies...the key word is "trying".

Phoenix is trying to help me feed her the bottle...I guess I wasn't doing a good enough job.

Here is camera shy Rogue trying to hide her face from the paparazzi.

Here is a little vid of how Rogue shakes when she gets excited about her pacifier.


I am sad to say I am actually in LOVE with a vacuum. My mother brought over her new Dyson and I was able to use it to vacuum our house. Talk about a techy fun vacuum...OK enough about that. Until next time...


The Texas Trio said...

We had a photographer come to our house when the kids were about two months old. I got peed on by all three. Good thing pee is sterile:)

Love the pics,


Anonymous said...

you would fall in love with a vaccum...weirdo. the babes look good, I can't wait to meet jade! Nate and I love you both very much! see you this weekend...hopefully!