Friday, April 10, 2009

Peep this...(1 Month 2 Weeks 2 Days Old)

Well on Thursday we had our first eye doctors appointment. What an experience... The gasps from the onlookers was priceless and slightly humorous. I am sure it will begin to wear on us and become annoying and sounds of ignorance. Only time will tell. We visited our O.B. office and then we went down and saw a few of our NICU nurses. During our eye doctor visit we were told that we seemed very laid back with the whole triplet thing. Not sure if parents freak out during these visits or something but we decided to take it one step at a time. We even did our first feeding on the GO. We fed and changed all three right there in the waiting room without incident. Now for the outcome of the appointment.
First things first...Dilated eyes are CREEPY. Now for the appointment...during the visit Phoenix and Jade eyes both look premature...duh...but Rogue has a slight bit of ROP. The Dr. said it was nothing to worry about and that she should grow right through it without any problems. So, we will just have to sit back and wait. They all have a follow up appointment in two weeks...hope what little issues they saw with Rogue will be all cleared up and that Nix and Jade's eyes are matured enough to check for any issues.
We had Uncle Nate and Aunt Diana come over to see the girls. It was Nate's first visit and it was Diana's first time seeing them all together. Well I better get ready for this are some pics plus a little vid for enjoyment...
This week has been a VERY LONG one for me. Glad it's over...
Here I am "excited" about being at the eye doctors.

Here is Uncle Nate holding one of the girls for the first time. I think it's Jade that's in his arms.

Uncle Nate changing his first diaper. Oh the Joy.

Here are the girls laying on the couch while I prep their grub.

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The Texas Trio said...

Just wait... the looks never get old but you learn not to make eye contact or people will start talking to you:)

Keep the faith,