Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poopie Smile (1 Month 1 Week 6 Days Old)

Well we had another doctors appointment today. They are growing rapidly...sounds like they really are Gillaspie's. We did fail to mention one thing about Jade. When we got her home from the hospital she had some gooey build up in her right eye so the hospital cultured it before she left A few days later we got a phone call saying that it came back as MRSA. Her eye was tested again when she went into the doctor for the first time, the results were the same. To say the least we were not happy with her coming home with it but now we have to deal with it. We were given medicated eye drops for her eyes to try and eliminate it and so far it is working. Today the doctor said it is looking very good but to continue to medicate the eyes for a few more days. Other than that everyone is doing fine and is very healthy. We did get a weigh in today and here are the results:

Rogue: 5lbs 12oz
Jade: 5lbs 12oz
Phoenix: 6lbs 2oz
Rogue really packed it on since our last visit to the doctor. She gained 11oz in 6 days, not bad. We were actually worried about Rogue because she hadn't had a BM in almost 4 days. This morning she decided at about 2:00 am to uncork her payload. She is definitely allowing that to flow freely now. It's sad when that brings a smile to my face...poopie diaper = smile...I am messed up.

Now for the pictures and a video:
First pic of the five of us.

Looks like a lot of baby.

Holding babies is an experience. Grandma Gillaspie learning how to record...point and shoot.


The Texas Trio said...

Ryan, your looks in the video are PRICELESS! Sleep is over rated:) Glad the MRSA deal is under control. Hospitals are crawling with the stuff.

I always say I will never get mad at my kids for wanting to eat or needing to poo/pee as those are the most important things we kept track of when they were young. I have about 18 mos. worth of charts to prove how important those things are.

Dr. appointments get a little less fun when they get their shots:(

Keep the faith,


megan leafblad said...

pee and poo! fun to see what is going on with you all. can't wait till we get to visit with the 3 beauties. sounds like you guys are making pretty awesome parents! xo megan

Anonymous said...

They look awesome guys! You both are doing a great job...keep up the good work!

Love, Nate and Di