Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BLOW Out...

I haven't posted in a while and sadly a diaper blow out from Phoenix is what reminded me of it. Not sure how my brain made the might be that I was trying to go to a different place while the aroma of the blow out began to cover me. She had it up to her was an early bath night for her. Now onto some cleaner things...
Like I posted last week Megan has now been back at work for two weeks now and she is still adjusting to the new routine. I am also adapting to a new routine...with her gone I have now had to take on a lot more of the organizing and care giving of the girls. This past Sunday night was my first night without any help from anyone (3 complete feedings without help). I survived but only was able to work in a 1.5 hour nap. It was tough but I now know that I can do it all alone.
Life is a constant adjustment...our biggest obstacle of late is trying to live off of one income. The budget is a VERY important topic. Dave Ramsey is a saving grace when it comes to setting priorities...if you don't know who he is you need to google him and get setup in one of his seminar/classes. Whether you are financially set or you are in a deep debt sign up for his Financial Peace Seminar it is GREAT.
The weather has been great lately and Megan and I have begun to take the girls for walks...freedom is needed when you are bound to your house. We have even figured out how take our two dogs with us when we go for our walks...they LOVE it. The only thing we don't like about the walks is the people who stare at us and the cars who almost cause accidents...its like they have never seen a baby before. We knew this would happen and I thought we were is kind of funny sometimes. The biggest pet peeve we have now is the pointing fingers and we really don't appreciate I came up with the idea that we point back. The response has been kind of funny...hey fight fire with fire. They don't have a clue how to respond to it. The worse moment so far was when we came to an intersection and a car was coming down the road. Unaware of where it is going we waited to see if it was going to turn where we were trying to cross. It began to slow as it approached us but instead of turning it came to a complete stop (no stop sign) in the middle of the intersection and stared right at us, it didn't move for a good 15-20 seconds as the lady inside the car just sat there staring at us. Then she slowing drove away. It was a very awkward moment and had Megan in a big fluster for the rest of the walk. Oh I guess what I am trying to say is PLEASE DON'T STARE. No big deal. Ha. Well now that I got that off my back we can move onto the pictures...Enjoy.

Grandmas taking the girls for a walk. My mom in the background and Megan's mom in the foreground. (Watch out for the finger pointers)

My aunt Barb feeding Phoenix and my mom feeding Jade.

Here is my cousin Nels feeding Rogue.

4 Generations...Me, my dad, and my Grandparents.
Oh yeah one more thing...if you feel like you had a bad day all you have to know is that I was baptised (puked) on three times by Phoenix today...not little spit ups but complete wardrobe changes for both of us each time. Hope you have a wonderful day...until next time...bye.


The Texas Trio said...

Just wait till you start getting the "fertility questions?" You get ones like "Were they natural?" or "Were you on fertility drugs?" My wife's favorite response was "If you mean did we have sex to get them, the answer is yes."

I just pre-empt them and say "I can't believe how many people ask the VERY personal question about fertility treatments." It won't be long and people will want to touch them all the time...

We just stopped making eye contact and that fixed a lot:)

Keep the faith, and the sanity:)


The Ballard Family said...

We can relate to the many stares! Try a triple jogger stoller in the neighborhood, the stares and slowly rolling cars increase dramatically. I have resorted to blocking peoples views when in public places when we are stopped looking at something just to limit the staring. It is disturbing at times isn't. Keep doing what your doing. Things do get easier. I promise!

The Ballard Family