Friday, May 1, 2009

BUSY BUSY no sleep (2 Months 6 Days Old)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. In my free time I take naps or clean bottles. Life has been hectic and tiring. Life flies when you don't sleep. Well Megan has gone back to work...her first day back was last Saturday and Sunday. This weekend, fri-sun, will be her first FULL weekend shift. She works three 12 hour shifts from 7pm to 7am so she is out of commission on the weekends. With Megan gone on the weekends I am very lucky I have family who come and help me out. Last Saturday night my mom thought she would give it a try and stay over here and help me out. It is a fact she has a whole new respect for what it takes to feed and prep and clean everything for the changing and checking the crying. The list goes on. Then on most Sunday nights my sister comes up and stays the night here and helps me out. Then during the day my mother in law comes over to help with feedings and up keep. Thankfully I have family that are willing to help...
Last time I posted I said we were a little worried about Jades weight well that was thrown out the window with her visit to the doctor. She gained a pound and a half. So she is well on her way trying to catch up with her sisters. They now all weigh over 7lbs each. Which is funny because my cousin just had a girl about a week ago and she outweighs all of our girls who are over 2 moths old. Congrats Lars and Maren with the addition of Ingrid.
Well we had a eye doctors appointment yesterday and everything looks great with all three of them. Megan and I were a little worried because they sent us into one of the rooms early with the girls...while we waited for their eyes to dilate they dimmed the lights and Megan and I almost fell asleep sitting there waiting. Sleep is a commodity that we cherish.
Sorry for any ramblings or incoherent chatter...its 4:15am and I am about to head to bed for a few hours. Enjoy the pics and the little vid.
Diablo resting his head on the ottoman.

Rogue and Phoenix playing together.

Me, Rogue, and Phoenix taking a nap...much needed nap.

Rogue and Phoenix playing together.

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The Texas Trio said...

Glad to see you have some help and you are enjoying the times you can:) It is like you have been thrown into war without the benefit of boot camp:) You have hit the beach and it will take a bit longer but you will get off the beach and past the bunkers before too long.

I remember when I stayed home with our three for a month when they were 3 months old and it was VERY challenging to say the least.

Keep up the good work and keep the faith!