Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cute Smells...I think.

I may be a bit biased but my girls are the cutest in the entire world, there is one thing I can't seem to figure out...how does that kind of smell come out of something so cute. They coo they smile and they have all these cute facial expression then all of a sudden you get this smack in the face and you think you might wretch. Its like they know what they just did...because they immediately look at you and smile with this devious smile.
Today we had a Doctors appointment and everything is looking GREAT. Rogue and Phoenix have now made it onto the growth chart...they are marked at the 5% spot for weight and height. With their adjusted age (1 month) they are in the 55% for weight and height. Jade isn't giving up and is quickly catching up to her sisters....here is the breakdown.

Rogue: 9lbs 6oz / 21 inch
Jade: 8lbs 9oz / 21 1/2 inch
Phoenix: 9lbs 5oz / 21 1/2 inch
One funny thing happened during our appointment, when our doctor ran off to get her camera during our visit. Jade was showing off her new "trick" that I have been working on with her. Jade was the last one so I sat her on the edge of the exam table and she dangled her legs off the edge and sat up straight just looking around with ease. She looked just like a little person...our doctor thought it was so cute and ran off to grab her camera and took a picture of her. The doctor was VERY impressed with how much control and strength she had...our little lady is coming along.
Quick side note....Uncle Nate was finally baptised (puked on) by Phoenix. Yeah he wasn't very excited about it at all...all he could say is "This is GROSS". Yes it is....especially since it was formula. All my sister and I could do was laugh...yes he is a good sport and once he was cleaned up he too laughed about it...and no he didn't finish the feeding...he was still a little grossed out...understandable.
Rogue with a silly smile.

Rogue looking around...

Rogue looking very wise with her hands crossed...she sat this way on her own after a meal today.

"Got Milk?" Drunk on milk...(Jade)

A really ticked off Phoenix...very rare look for her...she is the most laid back.

Quizzical Rogue...


Cousin Brad enjoying my new video game (UFC Undisputed 2009)...heck someone needs to play it. He stayed up until about 5:30 am playing it...

Daisy and Diablo are best friends...

If only Diablo knew how much danger he was in...
Until next time...BYE

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