Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me....

Well today is my first birthday as a father. Sadly I dont feel any different...oh well maybe someday. I did get the video game I I have something to do in all my free time...Ha.
Well there hasn't been a whole lot going on in our lives lately. The girls have now begun to makes for some very funny awake times. We do go for walks as often as possible, weather permitted. The looks are still coming from people but hey we are getting use to it.
When they poop they TRUELY poop. It seems to happen once every 2-4 days so when it happens they make sure you know it. Today on our walk 2 of them decided to poop once we were the furthest from the house. Oh, the joy...if the crying babies weren't enough we were down wind the whole way back home. We need to remember to bring diapers with us on walks. After that walk home changing them in the grass sounds pretty good to me.
I know I talk alot about their poop...but hey babies eat, sleep, and poop...not a whole lot too them. Well now for the pictures....Enjoy.
Bugs all over our screen...I believe they are June Bugs...Diablo loves to play with them on the back deck.

This is how we sit all day long during awake time. Jade, Rogue, and Phoenix...Nix was a little cheesed off...she was still hungry.

Little content Jade after dinner.

Little playful Rogue giggling and cooing.

Ticked off Phoenix.

The Lineup.

I think we might have to start buckling them in or we will find them laying on the floor.

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The Texas Trio said...

Happy Birthday! It took me almost a year for it to start to feel like I was a father. Believe it or not it is still a little weird.

Ask your pediatrician when to start tummy time. We started too late and the kids REALLY did not like it. We kept them on those mats with the toys hanging over them. Just wait till they start rolling over!

Good luck finding time for your video game. I love playing but have given up since having the kids.

Keep the faith,