Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama Day

For the first time since the girls came home I was able to sleep for about 10 hours straight. It was a wonderful gift my little sister gave me.
On Saturday night I did something I thought I would never have to do...I mowed the lawn in complete darkness. I had to use a headlamp just to see the yard a little bit. Its sad that the only free time I get happens to come along at 8 pm. My mom came and helped me out with the girls. Some may ask why I mowed so late...well I received a warning ticket from the police for some violations about my house and I didn't want to receive another one for the grass. Yes I live in a VERY strict town. It is in some ways a good strict.
Now onto MOTHERS DAY. Seeing as how it was Megan's first mothers day my mom came up with the foot print signs. It was kind of funny to do but a mess to clean off of their feet. Who knew they had so many crevices on their little feet. She really enjoyed the signs...well now for the pictures...ENJOY.
Diablo knows he did something wrong. Running for cover.

He stole a pacifier and this is how he took it. Silly Dog.

From Rogue

From Jade

From Phoenix

The signs awaiting Megan's arrival home from work.

Mess...Nix with a dirty foot.

Jade putting her mark on the present.

Rogue all painted up.

My cousin Brad and my Uncle Dave seeing the girls for the first time...Dave looks so excited.

My cousin Katie also getting her first glimpse of the girls.

This was the calming before the storm.

The STORM hit hard. (5 Minutes later) This was what it normally sounds like.

Until next time...BYE.


The Texas Trio said...

The crying really brings back memories!!! I LOVE the mowing with the headlamp. I also got a warning about my yard.... priorities.

Glad to see/hear that you all are doing GREAT! Did you get any video or pics of you mowing?

Keep the faith, and the earplugs:)


April Feusi said...

I DIE!!!
okay seriously videos are way cooler than the pictures!