Thursday, May 28, 2009

Public...we have bridged the gap.

We have had a VERY busy last few days.
We have officially bridged the gap into the real world. Yesterday we made our first excursion out into the "real" world with the three girls. We took a trip to Walmart and shopped. We actually had a decent time. It didn't add any time to our normal grocery shopping trips. We only had two comments from people, that we actually hear. We did get a lot of people tripping over themselves and people running into kept us entertained for sure. Megan took Phoenix and I took Rogue and Jade in my in the main basket and one up by the handle. It took us about 1 hour 30 Minutes and everything went VERY smooth. It took us a total of three carts once we made our way out to the van.
Once we arrived home we had two ladies from our church stop by to see the girls and pray for us and them. Then that evening my in laws stopped by to attempt to get some pictures of the is hard to get all three girls to be happy all at the same time. Once they left it was about 5:30pm. So from about 9:30am we were busy running around or having people over....definitely and exhausting day.
Today was pretty laid back day...Megan got to take a nap after the 8am feeding...her previous two feedings were pretty rough. She was baptised by Phoenix at the 8pm and the 4am feedings. So she needed the nap.
Today we did get the opportunity for the five of us to head up to Wisconsin to visit with my Great Aunt and Great Uncle. They live in an assisted living facility up there and they were very happy to see the girls. My mom went along with us too make it easier to move around with all three girls.

Looks like someone is tired...

I was holding the pacifier in my mouth and she began to huff so I gave it to her...





Happy Jade

Snarling Rogue...

Huffy Phoenix

Me, Megan, my mom, Aunt Ester, Uncle Buster, and the girls.

Lazy Daisy.

Grandpa Glenn with Phoenix...
Until next time...BYE.
P.S. If anyone has plastic grocery bags that they don't want or need....we would love to take them off your hands.


The Texas Trio said...

Let me guess.... plastic grocery bags for dirty diapers?

Ryan said...

Yup they work GREAT in a Diaper Champ. Plus, they don't cost anything....problem is we use a TON of them and we don't shop that often.

AliciaG said...

I love reading your blog and being able to see the girls grow. Since most likely I will not get to see them anytime soon, it is fun to read your updates on their progress. Thanks for sharing even the trivial things. It makes us feel connected even though we live so far away. Keep up the great job you are doing and kiss all the girls for us.
Norman and Alicia