Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silly Questions ... ranting post bear with me.

This is going to be sort of a ranting post.  The wife and I are completely confused by the questions people throw at us.  Here is a short list:
- "Were you surprised?"  Come on are you serious... how and why would you plan this... yeah yeah I know about the not so well, mentally, octomom (Not a big fan of her).
- "At least its not eight."  Um yeah... good call.
- "Do you ever watch Jon and Kate Plus 8?"  Does it really matter... they have eight kids, thats a completely different league from where we are.
- "How do you tell them apart?"  Usually by looking at them... I mean come on we see them all day everyday.  We have nothing better to do than learn their every feature and characteristic.
- "Two boys and a girl?" or "Two girls and a boy?"  Its like those are they only options... people need to figure out more unique ice breakers... we may be unique in this but we never get the comment "Oh, all girls?" (In public they are usually dressed in all pink or at least have a pink blanket on.)
- "Oh, thats too bad." or "Lucky you."  (Directed at me when we tell them they are all girls)  Come on lots of people have daughters and they survived...
-  "Uh Oh triple threat"  Nope wrong yet again... triple the fun, triple the love, triple the blessing...
- "Is it hard?"  Ummm last I checked people have a hard time raising any number of kids... I am sure it wasn't a cake walk for you with your kids... multiple parents tend to adapt and so far it seems they are more laid back with their kids.  Every doctor visit we have had (which has been a ton) we get the same compliment about being laid back and calm from everyone at the office... now that is refreshing.
- "Are they all yours?"  Nope, found that one in the park and that one at the zoo... come on silly people. 
- "Are they twins?"  Uhhh where is "The Count" (from Sesame Street) when you need him.
- "When did you find out they were triplets?"  Really... come on... does it matter... probably the same place everyone finds out about their babies, the doctors office.  
This wasn't directed at anybody or anything... if you are one who has said one of these things don't fret I only posted the ones that we hear most often (meaning more than 4 times).  So you weren't the only one who didn't think before they spoke... just kidding.  We do understand that multiples are a VERY unique sighting but we are just like everyone else with a baby... just times three.  We know they attract attention and they are cute little gas bombs so take them at that.  Cute individual babies... born at the same time.  I feel better now...
The wife and I have joked about getting some shirts made... just to clear the air with anyone we come in contact with.  This is sort of what it would say...

1.  Yes IVF
2.  Yes triplets
3.  Yes 3 Girls
4.  Yes we can tell them apart.
5.  Yes surprised I guess.
6.  Yes they are cute.
7.  No you can't touch them.

Sorry no pictures tonight... I should post some more soon.  Thank you for listening to my ranting... Until next time...BYE


pamgillaspie said...

Ryan, I love this! Always love the pictures, but love READING your stuff, too. You have a way with words!

Tiffany said...

Awesome Post! We've had all those questions (and more) and they're annoying (even if well intended). Hang in there! Your girls are adorable and I love their names!

The Texas Trio said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto....

I love the ones like "better you than me" to which I usually say "I agree." Or "(God) bless you" to which I say "he already has."

It is a unique club we are in. Glad to see you all are taking it all with humor.

bonnie nicole said...

i've had everyone of these questions. added to them i get this alot ...
were they all born at the same time? ummm no i had them a week apart. come on people.

i have 8 month old all boys :)