Thursday, May 14, 2009

STORAGE always needed.

"Storage is the never ending battle."

Once we found out we were having triplets we began to stock pile as much baby stuff as we could get our hands on...little did we know how quickly it begins to overtake your life and domicile. Soon, our once large basement became a VERY large storage room. It became clear that storage was needed sooner than later. We had a friend/carpenter come in and build a storage room for us. It is now finally completed and have already stocked it completely full. We made part of it a pantry and another spot for my obsession of movies.
Here is all the baby clothes and diapers we have on reserve.

Our new pantry...

and my movie spot. (Sadly I need more room...still have a TON more to find a location for)
"Life is a whirlwind."

Well this week has been sort of a laid back week with very limited visitors. Its been kind of nice to just sit back and relax. I was also able to get some stuff done around the house and Megan was able to spend a lot of quality baby time. I was able to trench out drainage for my down spouts and I also set up shelves in the pantry. Life has been slow the regard to getting actual house work done. The yard is in a shambles...the spots I missed while doing my night time mowing are now knee high...the weeds are beginning to eat away at the true life of my lawn...the dead spots with no grass seem to be getting bigger. So I guess what I am saying is I need to spend a day outside showing my yard some tender love and care. We do have one success story in regards to the yard...we have mom and mother in law bought some bushes to put around the front of the house and they are all officially in the ground and it is looking good. 2 years after we bought this house and we finally have landscaping...
"Feeding Frenzy"
One big accomplishment we have made with the they now sleep in their beds and they now have the ability to skip the midnight feeding (most nights). So on top of this new accomplishment they still have their normal routine which is eat, sleep, and decimate diapers. We still have our little four back to back to back to back diapers filled with smelly wonder before you can even put it on the next diaper. We occasionally get baptised (puked on) by our wonderful little lady, Phoenix. Jade still gives us a run for our money with her screams during feedings due to reflux. Don't worry Rogue has her quirks...she takes three times as long to feed when compared to the others. So meals are a constant battle...almost every meal is a lottery on who will take the prize of "Most Difficult". Can't wait till they can hold their own bottle...
"SAHD Struggles"
Adjusting to the new daily struggles of parenthood has been a long process especially one where I am the primary care giver of the girls. Being a stay at home dad is a very lonely spot. When asked what I do it is hard to explain to people that I stay home and take care of my girls. For some reason they don't understand how the man of the house can, in their opinion, not be the primary financial draw in the household. In one situation I was asked what my job was and when I told her I stayed at home with my girls she said "No, what is your real job." Not exactly the response I was prepared for and she never did understand what it is that I do. I know this whole Stay at home dad (SAHD) thing is sort of a unique circumstance. The way I look at it is that why and how would we have it any other way...triplets = unique...SAHD = unique...seems to go together. Why do things the normal route when the cards we were dealt are anything but normal. Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest...
Some updates about the girls weights...they are all now over 8 lbs each...we haven't gotten any official weights yet...but we will with our next doctors appointment. Thankfully we haven't had to run out into public to much with all of the girls. The only time the four of us leave is when we go for walks...yes people still point and stare but we are getting over it (I still point back). We are now the local freak show in our neighborhood. Well enough talking from me...time to get to the reason you came, the PICTURES of the girls.






We have now begun to have visitors (Flu season is over, well except H1N1). Seeing as how the girls won't be leaving the house too often people have begun to filter into our house and visit the girls. If you are interested in coming to hold a baby or help out with something...just give us a call or drop us an email (We check it once a day at least). A little heads up will help us prepare to have visitors. Again we ask that if you or someone in your house is sick than please don't visit the girls...they are still very susceptible to sicknesses. We hope to see you all sometime...

P.S. People have been asking us if we need anything...surprisingly we need TONS of "D" batteries. They live in their swings and bouncers...which take "D" batteries. Thanx and until next time...BYE


The Texas Trio said...

I always watched the Sunday ads and stocked up when CVS, Walgreens or someone had buy one get on on batteries.

SAHD - I feel your pain. It can get VERY lonely as most "play groups" are all moms. One SAHD actually was not permitted to join a play group as he was a man. CRAZY. It does get easier as they get older as people can see that you actually enjoy your new job:) I feel bad for the parents that work, they miss so much. Yes the bad but also so much of the good.

You da man!


Anonymous said...

Hey there just wanted to say the girls are more beautiful every time I see them. I have to say as well that I am proud of you and Megan for what thats worth. Being a stay at home parent to one child is hard enough man or woman, but to three is unimaginable. Keep up the great work and I'll let you and Megan know when I can help. Love to you both Michelle