Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy Baby Products....

Its been a while since I posted last ... I've been a little busy. This week has been a bit of a whirl wind of running around.

-Monday was our typical laid back day....heh as laid back as possible with three babies.

-Tuesday I had a tattoo that I did in the took me about 4.5 hours. That night my cousin and her best friend stopped by to see the girls.

-Wednesday was another busy day Megan had to run to her work to sit in on a 1 hour class (We live 45 minutes from her work...more drive time than class time) and then that evening we had our small group over to visit and hang out.

-Thursday was a VERY busy day...I woke up at 8:00am and fed the girls then Megan got up around 10 and we packed everyone up and went to Walmart to grocery shopping...we got home about noon and we fed the girls...finished around 2 and began to put the groceries away. We were out the door again at 3:30pm on our way to my grandparents house for dinner with the girls...once we arrived we fed the girls and got all settled down to eat ourselves. We finished eating and left at about 7:15pm. Once home we began our evening feeding and finally completed it at about 10:00pm. Did the dishes and got ready for ended for me at 11:00pm.

-Friday was our only normal routine day....ahhhh routines are great. Girls are still recovering.

I never realized the crazy names that have been given to baby products...
Bumbo - Infant seat
Boppy - Nursing pillow
Podee - Bottle with straw
Hooter Hider - Nursing cover
Bumkins - Baby bibs
Cuddlebee - Baby bibs and burp clothes
Trumpette - Shoes and socks for kids
Who comes up with these names? Crazy people...
Now it is time for the a video...Enjoy.
This is "ONE" days worth of bottles...yes just "ONE" day.

Jut making faces at Phoenix...looks like he is going to eat her.

Jade liked the ability to look around with the Bumbo chair.

Phoenix trying out the Bumbo chair...shes not too sure about it yet.

Rogue LOVED the Bumbo Chair...she has a new favorite thing.

Jade stairing at her reflextion in the swings mirror...



"Routines are Life, you mess with routines you mess with life."-Me

Until next time ... BYE


The Texas Trio said...

I love the quote! I bet you have a picture of more bottles than that. We went through 24 bottles a day in the beginning. Just wait, before you know it you will be washing sippy cups!

Have fun,


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