Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keep on Rollin'...

Time flies when its givin' in limited quantity. It feels like I just posted yesterday but in reality it was a week ago...there are a few updates to post.
Well first off Megan took this past Saturday off so that we could watch UFC 100...for those who don't know what that is, it's a pay per view event of MMA (mixed martial arts) where any and all fighting styles are pitted against each other. I have really gotten interested in it in the last 4 or 5 years and Megan has followed right along with me...she even has favorite fighters so she gets a little emotional over some of the fights. By the way UFC 100 was GREAT...it was fun.

I (Megan) feel the need to mention that Saturday was also my Mother's 60th birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!!!) My sister (along with others) threw my mom a fantastic party and we were able to go, for a short while anyways.....the girls start to get tired and crabby starting at about 4 and like to be in bed by 8:)
So we did that Saturday night and then, since Megan was home, we went to church as a family Sunday morning. The girls went to the nursery and did a great job...heck even their mother did good (she didn't even go check on them during the service). It was fun...and a little exhausting.
We also have another high roller...Rogue surprised us with a roll over during her nap. She started on her stomach for her nap and then we went up to check on her and there she was kicking her feet in the air laying on her back.
Now its picture time....ENJOY.

Here we got smiley Jade wearing her tax deduction onesie...

Jade passed out during her nap...

Rogue trying to figure out what everything does...

Rogue throwing out a rare smile...

Jade again with that smile that melts daddies heart...she really knows how to brighten my day.

Here is Rogue and Sarah hanging out...

This is how we found Rogue during her nap...silly girl.

This is a little vid...this is how they are EVERY night starting at about 5:30pm and ends around 8:30pm...this is for people who think it would be "fun" to have triplets. Not sure why people think it would be fun or easy to have multiples...we seem to get that comment allot from people..."oh I always want to have a set of multiples." I just don't understand. I mean I LOVE my girls with everything I have but by no means would I recommend or even try for this again.


On a lighter note...we did get a comment that made us both laugh...kids say the darndest things. We were leaving Walmart a few weeks back and as we were walking up to our van we noticed that the car next to us was loading up her cart with kids...she plops a kid (about a 5 year old) in the front seat of the cart. She saw we had a baby and pointed that out to her mother in a very loud voice...as her mother was trying to hush her, obviously embarrassed. Then out of no where she began to count and ended up at three. She looked at her mom with a quizzical look on her face and said, again in a loud voice, "Mommy they have three babies. How did they do that?" Her mom was so embarrassed and whisked her off to head into the store...it took everything I had not to laugh...both Megan and I held it in until they were out of ear shot. What a fun little comment...Kids.


Until next time...BYE

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The Texas Trio said...

Keeping you all in our prayers. Our nieces (twins) did the same thing every night when they were babies. Thank God for earplugs:)

Keep the faith,