Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lean on me...

The girls are growing soooooo fast. It seems like just yesterday I was holding a little handful of joy and now it takes two hands and full concentration that they don't squirm right out of my hands. They also get heavy FAST...we went to Walmart this past week to do our grocery shopping and Rogue was not in the mood to shop...she began to cry almost immediately. I had to carry her the entire time we were shopping, of course she was happy when got old quick when all of your attention is focused on one of three.
The girls advancements are coming daily. We have a distinct advantage, with having three, when it comes to milestone markers. When one of them does something we know that the others shouldn't be far behind. We still have slight worries when it comes to the girls advancements...we know that we shouldn't worry (Matthew 6:34, go ahead look it up...its a verse I have grown to love...I even have it tattooed on me) but in the end we do have a few concerns. Jade is still very quiet, until today when she began to interact with her sisters talking...Jade also hasn't rolled over yet but her smiles melt my heart every time she flashes those gums. Rogue has a very even level in advancement when compared to her sisters (she has a very even mix of both Jade and Phoenix). Rogue has begun to smile a lot, which she never did before...she use to be our "partly cloudy" girl...the only thing Rogue does that neither of her sisters do is that she has begun to grab at items in her of the funny things she keeps trying to grab are her feet...she tries to do this by grabbing her pant legs and pulling her legs up towards her face...silly girl. Phoenix has really begun to impress us, not that the others haven't, with everything she has been doing...she smiles a ton and on top of that she has the cutest giggle ever (also the only one too truly giggle in excess)...She also rolls over quite often (from stomach to back). They have ALL found their thumbs which saves a lot of running around trying to find pacifiers laying around the house...we will worry about weening them off of their thumbs later...we just want to survive now. Daily they amaze us with all the interaction they are now achieving between them and us.
Well here are a few pictures and a video...hope you ENJOY.

Sisterly LOVE...Lean on me big sis. They were truly having fun... (Rogue and Jade)

"Why so serious?" (Jade looks soooo small)

A little smirk from Jade.

Rogue riding her horsey...

Daisy takes naps with the girls almost everyday...

Phoenix sucking her thumb and playing with her rattle...

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The Texas Trio said...

Buy more pacifiers:) We had one with a pacy, one with a thumb, and one with two fingers. The pacy went bye-bye because Addison chose to give it up rather than cover her mouth to cough:) Jackson stopped sucking his fingers with the help of some HORRIBLE tasting stuff from the dentist. William is still on the thumb, but maybe it is just him:)

I also LOVE Matthew 6:34. I tell people that if they think they have it bad, watch the news. Someone's life sucks more than yours:)

Keep the faith,