Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Roll Out!!"

We went to the doctors office today for the girls monthly checkup and we finally have some actual news to post...actually a few updates. I will start with the big news...Phoenix rolled over...from stomach to back. Right in the middle of our doctors appointment Nix showed us all her new trick...she arched up her back then flipped over. We were all amazed and a little awe struck. We have been a little worried about Nix's development due to her hands being clinched most of the time...she showed us that we have no need to worry about it or her as she flipped right in the middle of us talking about her. Other updates are that all of them are now arching while on their stomachs and pushing up with their hands while lifting their heads. We got all three of them were laying out on the doctors exam table today and we laid them all on the stomachs to see what they would do...Rogue arches up a lot when at home and we weren't to sure whether the others would do it too. (Check out the pictures)

Weight and Height UPDATE:

23.5 inches
11 lbs 8 oz

23.25 inches
10 lbs 8 oz

23.25 inches
11 lbs 8 oz

All three of them, unadjusted, are on the growth and weight chart for the first time since birth.
Phoenix smiling this morning before her doctors appointment...

Rogue sitting waiting her turn...

Nix and Jade hanging out...

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix

See not everyone likes the doctors office (Jade)...they were all doing this by the time we left. (shots)

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix

Phoenix, Jade, and Rogue. Yes, I can tell them apart by the tops of their heads.

Nix, Jade, and Rogue.

Jade's push up.

Rogue's push up.

Nix's push up.

Rogue fell asleep before her shots...ohhh boy was that a bad idea...she went first with the shots.

Until next time....BYE.

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The Texas Trio said...

Yeah, I do not like the shots. I hear the four year visit is the worst as they all know what is going on.

Their stats are looking GREAT!

Rock on,