Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weight and Height UPDATE

23.5 inches
12lbs 14oz

23.75 inches
11lbs 6oz

24 inches
12lbs 10oz

All is going well. We had a doctors appointment today with a few surprises...Jade rolled OVER...yeah. Before we left for the appointment Rogue began to laugh which was fun. Other than that everything is good...here are a few pics...Enjoy.

How are they identical? I don't see it...Jade and Phoenix.

Everything in that play gym and they stare at the seat. (Jade)

Jade looking serious and Phoenix with a funny smile.

Javan Bicket came to visit the girls.

Phoenix grabbing the bird above her...they are all grabbing at stuff like crazy now...especially chest hair...grrrrrrr.

Phoenix relieving pressure...turn your sound up and you can hear it...I thought it was funny.

Until next time ... BYE.

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