Saturday, August 29, 2009

How do you sleep????

I now question how on earth do they sleep...every time I see them they are in the most precarious position known to man...I think to myself "How is that comfortable?" Here are a few of my favorites...unique sleeping positions...ENJOY (Some of these pics were on other posts, oh well...some old some new.)

She is actually asleep in this blows my mind...this is her new favorite...Phoenix.

Rogue holding her wrist for leverage...she was actually snoring.

Jade with her butt in the air while covering her face...

Rogue hanging off her boppy pillow...

Rogue shuffling her way out of her swing...

Rogue with both hands in the air...completely out.

Nix all kitty wompus in her swing...

Jade with a hand frozen in the air...

I set Jade down for two seconds and she was out...

Jade was really tired...

Jade our little Frankenstein Monster...

Could you sleep with all those wires attached to you? (Jade)
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Friday, August 28, 2009


Rogue - 14lbs 3oz / 25.5inches
Jade - 12lbs 3oz / 24.5inches
Phoenix - 14lbs 1oz / 24.75inches
Jade is still not gaining as much weight but we finally think we have a grasp of her reflux now...we have now doubled her dose of medicine and she has now begun to eat without screaming bloody murder...
Those were the updates from our doctors appointment. We had our normal doctors appointment on Tuesday of this week along with our 6 month NICU checkup on Thursday. With our NICU checkup we had some developmental therapists come in and evaluate the girls. Everything is looking pretty good...Phoenix and Rogue need to go back for an additional check up in a few months. They both have a little bit of extra tightness in a few of their extremities. We have had sort of a busy week...two doctors appointments, which takes a lot out of the girls and us. Megan also worked on Wednesday for some overtime...Dave Ramsey has gotten to us...we want to dig ourselves out of this hole. Life has been busy and won't die down until next weekend but we will go with the foot in front of the other and repeat the process...
Here are few pictures...ENJOY

This is why you don't spit up when your laying on your stomach because you have to lay your head somewhere...with three babies its hard to know everytime they blow chow.

Nix showing her cubbie pride with her blue eyes ablaze...too bad the cubs aren't any good...

Thing 1 - Rogue, Thing 2 - Jade, and Thing 3 - Phoenix...

Rogue with mama...

Jade our little punk girl...
Until Next Time...BYE

Monday, August 24, 2009

Triplet Tattoo...

I finally have my girls with me all the time...currently I am limping around the house because of it, but none the less I have it. I got a tattoo on the back of my left calf, which hurt a lot actually. It was a long time coming...I have been contemplating what to get for the girls since we found out we were pregnant with three. My original idea was to have my kids footprints tattooed on the top of my feet as if I was guiding their walk in life (I originally wanted to have 2 kids and Megan wanted 3...she won for now but who knows how many we will end up with)...well I don't have three feet so that idea was thrown out the window. So one afternoon about three months ago I sat down and began to thrash out some ideas for a tattoo for the girls...the end result was awesome, in my humble opinion. So without anymore fuss here are a few pictures of my tattoo...Enjoy. (For some reason my camera kept washing out the is a lot more vibrant and colorful than the picture let on too...oh well.)
Well there it is, in all its glory...Pain is temporary Ink is FOREVER...ahhh the JOY.

Each of the blocks has the girls birthdate...weight...length...time of the first letter of their names...oh and the color of each block is the color they were assigned to help keep us from losing our didn't help us from losing our minds though...oh well.

The background is a colorful medley of purple and pink with negative image girl skulls and stars...
Until Next Time...BYE

Friday, August 21, 2009

Society Views ...

Everyone has to make some sort of comment every time they find out I stay at home with my girls...not sure why this is...and has this bothered any other stay at home dad? It is something I hear all the time when I explain to someone I stay at are the main ones:
*Mr. Mom (NO) I'm not a mom I am a D-A-D. Ignorance is bliss I assume.
*House Husband (ok) It's ok just sounds a bit funny.
*Stay at Home Dad (yes) That is exactly what I am.
I am a proud stay at home dad who didn't want someone else raising my children...I wanted to teach my kids what I feel is morally or ethically right...not what some paid caretaker thinks is right.
Monthly my job takes up WAY more time than any job I have ever had. I have been employed since I was 15 years old. Through all of the jobs I have had over the years this one is by FAR the most rewarding...every time I get a smile or a laugh it makes it all worth while. There are moments, many moments, where I want to pull my hair out...but I shave my head so I can't follow through with it. People, both men and women who don't stay home, out there feel that staying at home would be great, fun, relaxing, easy, ect. Well I hate to break it to is none of those and at the same time all of those. Its like any take the bad with the good. The thing you must always remember is that as a stay at home dad I get NO days off, NO sick days, NO holidays off (expecting these to be terrible), 24 hour days, work every weekend, and you don't get to leave your job and go home to relax...your job is your "home". For me the last one has been the hardest for me to comprehend and deal with. With every other job I have had...if there was a bad day at work I knew that it would only last a few more hours and than I get to go home and forget all about it. With being a stay at home I never get to leave to cool down or just to get away for a little while to re-energize, re-focus, re-organize, re-evaluate, or just plain forget about it. So when you see a stay at home parent, do the right thing, shake their hand and pat them on the back and tell them they are doing a great job. Most stay at home parents never get the thanks they need to lift them up from the kids/employees...they are too young or just don't understand what it takes to do what we do. But have no fear, I for one, know that I could NEVER do this without the financial support that my wife brings to this family and that her job is no cake walk either...thank you Megan you are wonderful.
Here is a breakdown of what a 30 day month looks like for me with the addition of triplets:
630 Bottles used a month
610 Wipes used a month
540 Diapers changed a month
240 Bibs used a month
90 Naps for the kids a month
40 Onesies used a month
36 Pairs of pants used a month
30 Loads in the dish washer a month
24 Baths given a month
24 Towels for the kids a month
20 Diaper champ bag changes a month
20 Cans of formula used a month
14 Loads of laundry a month
10 "D" cell batteries a month
0 Naps for me a month
Hopefully that shines a little light onto what I deal with on a monthly all you parents out there it could be worse...ha anyways here are some pics to try and help lighten up this post...Enjoy.

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix...

Rogue and Jade were laughing at me trying to take their picture...

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix playing...

Jade, Phoenix, and Rogue showing how they push up...

Rogue and Jade playing together...

Jade trying to quiet down Rogue by shoving her hand in her sort of worked...


Until Next Time...BYE

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shop till you drop....

Shopping ... is not what I would call an easy task with three. Megan and I both agreed it is better that we both go shopping together, to keep each other in check and to ONLY buy what we NEED. Well if we both go together the girls have to come along ... we get asked "How do you shop with three babies?" Well its actually easier said than done in some cases ... we definatly have a method for leaving the house. From the moment we decide to start packing up the girls we each know our assignments.
Megan: She is incharge of getting Phoenix in her carrier and ready to go plus she has to get the diaper bag. If it is a shopping run she is also in charge of grabbing coupons, money, and lists. Phoenix is her responsability for the duration of the trip.
Ryan: I am in charge of getting Rogue and Jade in their carriers and to go. I am also in charge of getting the strollers into the van if they are needed for that trip. Rogue and Jade are my responsability for the duration of the trip.
From the moment we leave the house, until we get home, we know who we are responsible for ... when we shop it takes a minimum of two carts. Rogue and Jade in my cart ... Nix in Megans cart. If it is a grocery trip we usually leave the store with three carts (see pictures for examples). Its actually fun, most of the time, to shop as a family...


Enjoy the pictures...


This is what Nix looks like after a shopping trip...

Before ... Jade in Megans cart and Rogue and Nix in my cart.

After ... three carts later we are almost done, just need to pack it all into the van. Plus check out the family of skulls on our vehicles back window.

Until Next Time ... BYE

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Videos and Picture post ... ENJOY

Picture and Video update ... ENJOY
Kisses from Nix...

Jade and Rogue holding's so much fun to watch them interact and acknowledge each other.

Diablo and Rogue laying out for a photo...

Nix hiding her face...not sure what she was doing but she loved hiding her face with the spit up rag.

Rogue sleeping with her favorite toy...

Nix is a little ticklish...what a silly little girl.

The girls talking away...Rogue sort of scream was funny...sorry the quality isn't very good.

Rogue petting Jade...what a nice big sister.


Hope you enjoyed ... Until Next Time ... BYE

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gillaspie Origins...

Picture I drew of the girls as their alter-egos...from left to right Rogue, Phoenix, and Jade.

This is a LONG over due post. Most of you have noticed that our daughters names are not, what you would call, normal. My wife and I came to the conclusion that we had to name our girls something unique and one of a kind...I think we accomplished that. The wife and I have VERY common names and we are both tired of being one of three _________(fill in any popular name here) in any given room. We knew that we needed to give our kids names that would not be duplicated in their classrooms as they grew up. We had many options when we learned that triplets were in our near future...we could go with names that sounded the same or start with the same letter...or just throw out any name we could think of...nope we found a theme. SUPERHERO's, yup that's right superhero's...there are some really good names out there in comic books. We came up with Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix. Some people may know exactly where those names are from and other people haven't a I will try and set it all straight.
*Rogue - Comes from the Marvel comic Universe. She is one of the X-Men. Her powers include the ability to involuntarily absorbs the memories, physical strength, and (in the case of superpowered persons) the abilities of anyone she touches.
*Jade - Comes from the DC comic Universe. She was linked with the Justice League at one point. Her powers include the ability to generate green energy and shape it into constructs according to her will just like that of here father, Green Lantern.
*Phoenix - Comes from the Marvel comic Universe. She is one of the X-Men. Phoenix's real name is Jean Grey and was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers and is one of the most powerful superhero's.
For those parents out there looking to name there kids something a little different, just look into your childhood...go dig out those comic books from the attic and take a trip down memory lane.
On another note our house is becoming babble central...the girls are creating their voice with great enthusiasm. Rogue is a chatter box after she eats...she sits there staring at you just flapping her jaw. Jade would rather squawk and squeak while playing with her toys instead of just sitting in silence. Phoenix is VERY random when she likes to join doesn't have to be for any specific reason other than to just let it all out.
RASPBERRIES all around...Phoenix started to do them about three days ago and now the other two girls have picked it up from her...Phoenix is by far our little motor boat with her I am writing this she is blowing raspberries all over the place as she spins in a circle on the floor like a little break dancer.
Here are a few pictures and a couple babble videos...ENJOY.

We went to our local parade today and had a blast can't you is Aunt Diana holding all the girls...Jade, Phoenix, and Rogue.

Jade just hanging out loving the parade...she was the only one to stay awake the whole time and LOVED it. The other two didn't like the loud noises at all so they cried and then fell asleep...

Phoenix making faces at the camera...

Here is another Nix face...

Rogue being all cheerful...

Rogue and Phoenix hanging out together...

Jade is flying...she loves this.

Jade with her little piggy pants...

You won't like me when I'm angry...Jade getting vicious with her toys.

Rogue and Jade stretching their lungs and bodies...


Hope you enjoyed the post...Until Next Time...BYE.

Friday, August 14, 2009

5th Anniversary ... what a joy.

Anniversary...Well today was our 5th wedding anniversary...five wonderful years. We did absolutely nothing...well we at least saw each other and I got to mow the lawn, but other than that it was business as usual. Thats about it...I thought I would throw a vid online...ENJOY.
Rogue has been doing this for a while lately but I could never get it on video...everytime I tried to video her she would stop and stare at the camera, as you will see at the end of the vid. Hope you ENJOY.

Trying to get Rogue to say "Dada"...oh the joy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Welcome to our OOL" ... Notice there is no "P" in it.

POOL TIME ... Well today was the girls first time at grandma and grandpa's pool. We took the girls over to their house and attempted to see if the girls would enjoy the water ... well we did have some success. Jade is a water worm ... she LOVED it. All she wanted to so is kick her feet and splash the water all over ... I would splash in the water and she would laugh then splash me back. With Nix it took a while for her to warm up to the idea of being in the water ... she began to loosen up a bit near the end of our time and kick in the water. Now Rogue, on the other hand, was not having any of it. Before we even got ready to head outside she began to have a fit. She was crying and didn't want to do anything but sleep. Our issue arose when we adjusted the schedule a little to try and fit in going to grandma and grandpa's and Rogue did not adjust well at all. But all in all the day went pretty well. Here are a few pics and vids ... ENJOY
Diablo hanging out on his mat...

Jade and Phoenix sunning themselves...

Mama and Nix hanging out in the pool...

Jade kicking in the pool...

Pool party...the whole family got into it...

Jade and Phoenix splashing...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Queen of CRUD...

Well we have a few movers and shakers now...Phoenix can never seem to find a comfortable position when she is playing on her mat...she spins around like a helicopter propeller and then starts rolling till she runs into something.
Rogue is very content with grabbing her toys with her feet...she finds it to be humorous...we have play mats that have arches that run over them with toys hanging from them. She will grab one of the toys with her feet and pull it to the ground...then she will lay there with a worried look like "where did all the toys go"...
Not only is Jade our smiler she is also our BIG talker. Jade not only talks a lot but she is very loud when she starts to blurt it out. One thing she doesn't do a whole lot is try and roll over...but there is one thing I can't seem to figure out about her. She has this uncanny ability to develop an abundant amount of CRUD in between all of her fingers and toes. We can't seem to figure out how it only takes a few minutes after cleaning them out and it reappears...I think we should start to call her the "Queen of Crud."
Well here are a few pics plus a vid...ENJOY
One big happy family...or at least we fake it pretty good in pictures.

Daddy and his girls...

The girls in their Sunday dresses...of course Jade is the smiler...
(Jade, Phoenix, and Rogue)

If you look closely to the side of Jades head it looks like one of her sisters slapped her...actually its her own hand print...she feel asleep on her hand...I thought it was funny...

CRUD from Jade the Queen of CRUD...

Here is our squealer Jade...


Until Next Time...BYE