Thursday, August 6, 2009

LONG time...NO dull moments.

Uh oh its been awhile since I have posted...sorry to those who keep up with this...time flies when you have triplets. We have found that there are no dull moments when it comes to triplets, none at all...nor is there any free time. Well since the girls have come home I have not had one full day where I wasn't dealing with my wonderful wife had an idea.
Today was a wonderful day for me...Megan took on the responsibility of the all the girls for the entire day so I could have my first FULL day off (minus the last feeding...daddy had to step in for a few minutes just to calm the girls). She seemed to do a good job (the real test will be tonight, sleeping) and she learned that my routine is ingrained into them and there was really no swaying away from it. I, on the other hand, did a laundry list of items that have needed to get done for a LONG time.
-Washed both vehicles
-Cleaned out the inside of Megan's Car (sheesh it was terrible)
-Fixed Megan's fuses that had popped in her car
-Cut more roots off the surface of the ground (no more tripping)
-Fixed a duct that had come unfastened
-Touched up the walls (from dings)
-Painted touch ups
-Paid the bills (where does all the money go?)
-Filed the last 3 months of bills and paperwork
-Cleaned the front window (dog noses and baby feet)
-Cleaned and organized the office (AHHHHH what a complete mess)
Megan got to experience the true 7PM feeding without help (I stepped in for a few minutes just as a little support) All three babies were at their worst...screaming and not wanting to eat. So she was able to see how, at least one of my nights alone (every weekend) is like. It is a time to dig deep and find EVERY ounce of calm that you have stored away for a rainy day. Patience is something that I have learned is a MUST...I will be the first to admit that patience was in short supply my whole life...but once those girls came home I learned VERY quickly that patience is the number one factor in keeping the house from falling apart. Number two factor is a routine...we all know that if you mess with my routine you mess with my life, so leave it alone.
Well now for a few pictures...ENJOY
Rogue, enough said.

Rogue overwhelmed by her play area.

Phoenix rolling over from back to front.

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix...soooo excited to be here.

A little smirk from them all...

Jade the life of the party.

Sisterly LOVE...Rogue and Jade.

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix enjoying the view.

Daddy and Jade...just hanging out.

Mama with Rogue and Phoenix in the pool.
Until next time....BYE

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The Texas Trio said...

Ahhhh, the routine rules. That is until it doesn't:) One of my most frustrating times is when our new routine becomes the old routine and I must search for a new routine all over again.

You are truly THE MAN. May God continue to bless you with patience and grace. You need a lot of both:)

Keep the Faith,