Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shop till you drop....

Shopping ... is not what I would call an easy task with three. Megan and I both agreed it is better that we both go shopping together, to keep each other in check and to ONLY buy what we NEED. Well if we both go together the girls have to come along ... we get asked "How do you shop with three babies?" Well its actually easier said than done in some cases ... we definatly have a method for leaving the house. From the moment we decide to start packing up the girls we each know our assignments.
Megan: She is incharge of getting Phoenix in her carrier and ready to go plus she has to get the diaper bag. If it is a shopping run she is also in charge of grabbing coupons, money, and lists. Phoenix is her responsability for the duration of the trip.
Ryan: I am in charge of getting Rogue and Jade in their carriers and to go. I am also in charge of getting the strollers into the van if they are needed for that trip. Rogue and Jade are my responsability for the duration of the trip.
From the moment we leave the house, until we get home, we know who we are responsible for ... when we shop it takes a minimum of two carts. Rogue and Jade in my cart ... Nix in Megans cart. If it is a grocery trip we usually leave the store with three carts (see pictures for examples). Its actually fun, most of the time, to shop as a family...


Enjoy the pictures...


This is what Nix looks like after a shopping trip...

Before ... Jade in Megans cart and Rogue and Nix in my cart.

After ... three carts later we are almost done, just need to pack it all into the van. Plus check out the family of skulls on our vehicles back window.

Until Next Time ... BYE


The Texas Trio said...

Just wait... I can see you taking all three by yourself all the time in a year or so. We got an in-line triple stroller that was great for taking them shopping. I would push the cart and pull them. You will LOVE the looks and comments you get. You need a "SuperDad" sticker for the van or one like I have: "You can't scare me, I have triplets."

LOVE the skulls!


breanna said...

where did you get the skulls?! i love them!!! btw i found your blog through a search.. and your girls are beautiful!