Friday, August 21, 2009

Society Views ...

Everyone has to make some sort of comment every time they find out I stay at home with my girls...not sure why this is...and has this bothered any other stay at home dad? It is something I hear all the time when I explain to someone I stay at are the main ones:
*Mr. Mom (NO) I'm not a mom I am a D-A-D. Ignorance is bliss I assume.
*House Husband (ok) It's ok just sounds a bit funny.
*Stay at Home Dad (yes) That is exactly what I am.
I am a proud stay at home dad who didn't want someone else raising my children...I wanted to teach my kids what I feel is morally or ethically right...not what some paid caretaker thinks is right.
Monthly my job takes up WAY more time than any job I have ever had. I have been employed since I was 15 years old. Through all of the jobs I have had over the years this one is by FAR the most rewarding...every time I get a smile or a laugh it makes it all worth while. There are moments, many moments, where I want to pull my hair out...but I shave my head so I can't follow through with it. People, both men and women who don't stay home, out there feel that staying at home would be great, fun, relaxing, easy, ect. Well I hate to break it to is none of those and at the same time all of those. Its like any take the bad with the good. The thing you must always remember is that as a stay at home dad I get NO days off, NO sick days, NO holidays off (expecting these to be terrible), 24 hour days, work every weekend, and you don't get to leave your job and go home to relax...your job is your "home". For me the last one has been the hardest for me to comprehend and deal with. With every other job I have had...if there was a bad day at work I knew that it would only last a few more hours and than I get to go home and forget all about it. With being a stay at home I never get to leave to cool down or just to get away for a little while to re-energize, re-focus, re-organize, re-evaluate, or just plain forget about it. So when you see a stay at home parent, do the right thing, shake their hand and pat them on the back and tell them they are doing a great job. Most stay at home parents never get the thanks they need to lift them up from the kids/employees...they are too young or just don't understand what it takes to do what we do. But have no fear, I for one, know that I could NEVER do this without the financial support that my wife brings to this family and that her job is no cake walk either...thank you Megan you are wonderful.
Here is a breakdown of what a 30 day month looks like for me with the addition of triplets:
630 Bottles used a month
610 Wipes used a month
540 Diapers changed a month
240 Bibs used a month
90 Naps for the kids a month
40 Onesies used a month
36 Pairs of pants used a month
30 Loads in the dish washer a month
24 Baths given a month
24 Towels for the kids a month
20 Diaper champ bag changes a month
20 Cans of formula used a month
14 Loads of laundry a month
10 "D" cell batteries a month
0 Naps for me a month
Hopefully that shines a little light onto what I deal with on a monthly all you parents out there it could be worse...ha anyways here are some pics to try and help lighten up this post...Enjoy.

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix...

Rogue and Jade were laughing at me trying to take their picture...

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix playing...

Jade, Phoenix, and Rogue showing how they push up...

Rogue and Jade playing together...

Jade trying to quiet down Rogue by shoving her hand in her sort of worked...


Until Next Time...BYE


The Texas Trio said...

Amen Brother!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Never had triplets.... I have no idea what it is really like, but I give you both a hat's off!
You both need each other to do what you are doing to make it work, and you are. God bless you both!

Deanna said...

I think it's awesome that you make the sacrifice to stay home with your girls. I'm 99% sure I couldn't make it is like a break for me, and I just have two babies! : )

Liz said...

My husband was a stay at home dad when we had our first boy. We plan to move and when I get my next promotion...he's going to stay at home again! Nothing wrong with that!!!