Monday, August 24, 2009

Triplet Tattoo...

I finally have my girls with me all the time...currently I am limping around the house because of it, but none the less I have it. I got a tattoo on the back of my left calf, which hurt a lot actually. It was a long time coming...I have been contemplating what to get for the girls since we found out we were pregnant with three. My original idea was to have my kids footprints tattooed on the top of my feet as if I was guiding their walk in life (I originally wanted to have 2 kids and Megan wanted 3...she won for now but who knows how many we will end up with)...well I don't have three feet so that idea was thrown out the window. So one afternoon about three months ago I sat down and began to thrash out some ideas for a tattoo for the girls...the end result was awesome, in my humble opinion. So without anymore fuss here are a few pictures of my tattoo...Enjoy. (For some reason my camera kept washing out the is a lot more vibrant and colorful than the picture let on too...oh well.)
Well there it is, in all its glory...Pain is temporary Ink is FOREVER...ahhh the JOY.

Each of the blocks has the girls birthdate...weight...length...time of the first letter of their names...oh and the color of each block is the color they were assigned to help keep us from losing our didn't help us from losing our minds though...oh well.

The background is a colorful medley of purple and pink with negative image girl skulls and stars...
Until Next Time...BYE


Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! Looks like there was pain there! How long did that tattoo take?

The Texas Trio said...

LOVE the tattoo! I was wondering when you were going to get one based on the Triplets. I don't have any yet but I am kicking around the idea of getting one for my 40th (next year) or 50th. I want to wait long enough that it still looks good if I live till 70 or 80:) I am thinking of taking the triplets' names along with the wife's and have them made into a cross to go on my right shoulder blade or back.

Hope the pain goes away soon. It is tough enough being a SAHD:)


Sadia said...

One word: AWESOME!