Sunday, September 20, 2009's my job...what's yours?

Well it has been a while...sorry life just flies by. Just be warned this post is a little enjoy. Well I thought I would tell a humorous story for this post...well it wasn't as funny at the time for Megan...but being the supportive husband that I am, I was laughing for sure. Well as some of you may know Megan is a SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit) nurse so she deals with some really messy situations regarding any bodily fluid. She is not only the care taker but also the cleanup crew when it come to any messy situation. It just occurred to her the other day that she NEVER leaves that aspect of her job even when she comes home. Now for the story...Jade has been having issues with being constipated and is always in need of assistance when it comes to the ever so popular, POOP. Yes we have to glove up and help with the entire process...the first time that this experience happened we were VERY unprepared. We had no gloves next to us for this first glorious after about 15 minutes of me trying to figure how to handle the situation on my own I decided to call in the reinforcements, the nurse. She comes down to "Mr. Germaphobe"...I am not a big fan of getting poop on my hand or anywhere else for that matter. I also have a hard time with "real"vomit...this baby puke is doesn't have that "true" vomit far so good there. So when those two experiences come into focus I call for backup...hopefully she is always around when either of them happen. the wife is pretty much knuckle deep in doo doo. The entire process of using A&D as a lubricant and all...Jade has finally passed her brown bombers. The whole process took a total of about 40 minutes...not a pleasant experience for anyone in this house...the gentle aroma of poo hadn't even settle when Megan realized she needed to refill the wipes on the changing table...which are stored in the basement. So off she trots to grab some wipes...once she refilled the wipes she sat down to feed Jade. By this time I had finished feeding the other two and began to cleanup after the girls meal when the great discovery was made. Little brown spot are all over the main floor...they are on every other stair down to the basement...then they continue into our pantry...where, go figure, our wipes are stored...are you beginning to put this together yet? I began my hunt to figure out what had just happened...first thought...dogs. Nope they are clean...then I began to replay everywhere Megan had walked during "the" doodie drama. Yes you guessed some point Megan had drop a little turd onto the floor by the changing table and had somehow stepped in it...unknowingly. She then proceeded to traipse around the house with the brown wonder on her feet. We now had Jade poop from one end of the house to the other. This is where I began to laugh...Megan didn't believe me until she looked at the bottom of her bare foot and sure enough there it was in all its glory Jades butt brownie was squashed onto the bottom of her foot. So if you feel you are having a bad day just remember you didn't step in your child's poop and then proceed to leave little bits of it all over your house.
Picture TIME...Enjoy.
My sister Diana ... I'm soooo proud.

My brother in law Nate...nice catch Diana.

Rogue and Diablo having a staring contest...she loves her doggies.

Rogue, Jade, and Phoenix giving their triplet stroller a try for the first time.

Jade in her activity center...

Rogue...look at those eye lashes.

Diablo using one of the girls toys as a chin rest...lazy dog can't even hold his own head up.

Phoenix practising her reading already...

Jade reading to Phoenix...

Phoenix and Jade...they don't look very identical to me.

Rogue trying to put Jade in an arm bar...

Jade and Rogue practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

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