Saturday, September 26, 2009

SICK babies are no fun...

Well for the last four or five days our house has been fighting allergies and colds. All three of the girls have been fighting the colds while I have been battling these wonderful allergies. The girls have had this really bad runny nose and have been VERY one point Nix was running a little warm but that has passed. I do think we have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel...the girls are FINALLY sleeping through the night again...which in turn allows me to sleep through the night. We can't seem to find much that makes them happy right now...unless of course I am holding them...God didn't give me three arms so its a little difficult to hold them all at the same time. Thankfully, despite being sick, Jade is still herself and is very happy and content with doing whatever...every once in a while we catch her staring at her hands, just studying them...she kind of looks like a stoner would when they look at their hands while high just completely spaced out and completely intrigued by them.


Here is a quick status update of the girls. Everyday their little personalities are beginning to blossom. Phoenix is very caring...cuddly...sensitive. Jade is very happy...smiley...laid back. Rogue is very proud...attention seeking...attached to her daddy. It is really cool watching them advance not only in their physical capabilities but also mental capabilities. Rogue and Jade are doing great with sitting on their own...Nix is still having a few issues with sitting up straight but it is slowing being corrected with some therapies we try and run with her everyday.


Now for some pictures...ENJOY.

Jade laid back sleeping...she actually sleeps this way, with her hands behind her head, all the time.

Nix cuddling up to her mom made them all a few silkies as blankies...thanx Grandma

Jade looking up at daddy...

Rogue hanging out with her doggy...she LOVES Daisy and Daisy is great with her.

Jade, Rogue, and Daisy hanging out with mama.

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The Texas Trio said...

You all are in my prayers. We also pray you avoid breathing treatments. The only thing worse than sick triplets is having to give sick triplets breathing treatments.