Saturday, September 12, 2009

When it pours!!!

Well life was going just great...falling back into my routine...dealing with babies. Then a curve ball was thrown at us this morning...I woke up at my normal time of 5:30am to do a feeding when all of a sudden I noticed, roughly, 30-40 dead ants laying on my kitchen and dining room floor. So I quickly clean them up and turn around and notice another 15 or so live ants crawling lets just say I spent a good hour and a half killing and cleaning up ants. So today started off on a bad note...I thought it could only get better from there...HA I was wrong. So the wife and I ran out with the girls to buy a few things...ant traps, Zout, diaper rash cream, you know the necessities. When we arrived home...yes you guessed it...another 20 or so dead ants. So I went in search of where the ants are coming into the I went in the crawl space to find one of my drain pipes leaking. Not a little but a I called a buddy, who came over, to help me try and find the source of the leak...go figure its behind the wall behind the sink cabinet in my kitchen. So now I have a call into a plumber...not to stop this wonderful string of luck right there...we just had our second, this week, gallon of milk to spoil in our fridge that doesn't seem to keep our food quite as cold as it use too be. So we need to add that to our list of fixes/upgrades on this wondrous house...ahhh the joys of home ownership. (hold on...running off to kill some ants) Oh yeah one more kicker...on Monday we are having our furnace and A/C replaced $$$$. Our furnace and A/C aren't broken but with 32 years under our furnaces belt we feel we should relieve it of its duty before it gives up on the coldest day of the winter...better to buy it now than buy it in the dead of winter...even though we didn't plan on this day of glorious mishaps we must move forward...oh well life will go on, right? So if you ever feel like your day is going bad just revert yourself back to this post...well here are two vids and a pic to try and lighten the mood...ENJOY.
Here is my niece Ellie and my boxer Daisy dancing...

Jade in a RARE moment of giggles...this was fun to see.

Follow the bouncing ball...

Until next time...BYE


Anonymous said...

Sorry to here about your horrible day. If you need any help with the girls while you deal with things give us a call. Been there done that. Michelle Diggs

Liz said...

Yep, I get it. Our diswasher just dumped gallons of water on the floor. Our ice machine in our fridge isn't working (we use ice daily in 115 degree weather). My washing machine doesn't recognize the lid is closed so won't start the spin cycle. To top it off the garage door just tried to cut my car in half!! We haven't had to replace anything yet, but I imagine some $$$$ is right around the corner.

I feel for you and understand. I love the photos of the girls!!

kathy said...

Those photos of the girls watching the moving ball are adorable!!... and the sound of Jade laughing made me smile big-time. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry about the ants and the other negatives etc....Hope that is the end of your string of that kind of "stuff".