Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sheesh...Time Flies....BUSY BUSY BUSY

As I always start my blogs, I am sorry it has been a long time since I last posted. As always life happened...sorry. We do have some updates. Last post I said Rogue had her first tooth...well she now has two teeth, bottom two centered. I have found that they are just like puppy teeth, ├╝ber sharp. She also now enjoys me running my finger across he lips as she makes noises...hard to describe but I am sure you know what I mean...go ahead try it...make a noise and flip your lower lip with your finger, that is exactly it. Now on to more news...Nix and Jade are both doing a lot better with their independent sitting. What you want more news...ok ok here it is, we now have our first official mover and shaker. Rogue has figured out the process of putting her legs under herself and being on her hands and knees...she now does the inch worm crawl (see video below) and as of today Phoenix has begun to be on all fours also. So with the new developments I have begun to run around trying to baby proof everything on our main floor...I think I may just wait and see what they get into and once they figure something out then baby proof it...not sure yet...I can go over board with it so I better just sit back and watch.
We have new stats...8 month check up...Jade has a long way to go to catch here it is:
Rogue - 17lbs 5.25oz 27inches
Jade - 14lbs 2.25oz 26.5 inches
Phoenix - 17lbs 6.25oz 26.5inches
Phoenix's new way of sleeping...

Me and Rogue just hanging fun

Jade and Nix being very serious...

Jade showing how she would act if she went skydiving...

Jade all ready to get her grub...

Rogue with a short jaunt doing her inch worm crawl...
Until next time...BYE

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Seth and Kelly said...

Awesome job Rogue! I can't believe how big they have gotten, they seriously are almost caught up with Mari!!!! She was only 27 3/4" on October 2nd! WOW! Those first two bottom teeth are funny when they come in, one right after the other. Glad to hear things are going well!!