Monday, November 23, 2009

Backyard Nature...Deer Poo

Almost on a daily basis we get the privileged of seeing deer...not just one or two but they come as a group of about 5-8 deer...the most I have ever seen together was 12. They come right up to the fence along our backyard...our house actually backs right up to a forest preserve so we get a lot of privacy. I can't wait until the girls get a little bit older and begin to enjoy the view of the wildlife that comes right up to our back are a few pictures of our view...enjoy.
Standing on my porch...yes I like to sit and watch the deer.

So peaceful...there were 7 deer at the time of this photo...its crazy.

While sitting out on the deck you learn things about deer, like the fact that deer squat when they poo...who knew? (Yes I caught a deer pooing in this made me giggle...yes laugh...just giggle...its ok men, can giggle...I yeah ummm...)
If a deer poos in the woods and nobody is there...does it make a noise?
Here is Phase two of operation Doc Band...Rogue is doing pretty good with everything...occasionally she tries to remove it by picking at she just shakes her head a lot when it is on...Almost done with the decorating...let me know what you think.

Added the stars and a gloss cover on the entire Doc Band...just need to finish the front of it...

Here are all the ladies all dressed for church yesterday...

Yup Rogue was done...she was hungry...but what a priceless face.
Until Next Time...BYE

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