Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's gotta get done...

I did this a few months back so I thought I would update it and see where we sit now...
Here is a breakdown of what a 30 day month looks like for me with the addition of triplets:
270 Bottles
64,800 Milliliter's of formula (2,100 oz.)
610 Wipes used
500 Diapers changed
270 Bibs used
60 Naps for the kids (2 per Day)
70 Onesies used
36 Pairs of pants used
30 Loads in the dish washer
24 Baths given
8 Towels for the kids
25 Diaper champ bag changes
45 Cans of formula used
28 Loads of laundry
15 gallons of nursery water
2 Naps for me
.....and many many hugs, smiles and slobber kisses that make it all worth it!!!!!
Rogue wrestling with Jade and Phoenix watch...

Phoenix (Apple Hat), Jade (Watermelon Hat), and Rogue (Blueberry Hat)...

Jade loved the opportunity to feed herself...yeah it was a mess and yes I almost lost my mind...I am a little OCD when it comes to being clean...

Jade feeding herself...

Mama playing with the kids...
Until Next Time...BYE


The Brandt-Feusi Family said...

i seriously would like to know, how do you afford all that?!

Seth and Kelly said...

Where did you get those cute hats?

Ryan said...

April- I have no idea...we don't do anything EVER.

Kelly- A friend of Megan's sister I believe made them.