Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Phase three...Operation Doc Band

What a slow process...nothing like watching the paint dry...added another skull and then added her name...one more phase to go I think. You may be asking yourself why it is taking me so long to do this...well time is limited...she needs to be wearing it as much as possible...plus it needs a lot of coats of each color plus a lot of coats of the shiny protective finish coat...oh on top of the dry time I am a perfectionist and since I have to look at it each day I better do it right the first time...anyways here you go...ENJOY
Added her name plus the skull on the side...

Added another skull...skulls are girly right?
Until Next Time...BYE


Deanna said...

That looks great! I hope the band works fast and she can get on with life (with a perfectly shaped head!). We thought one of our babies might have to get one, but hers shaped out pretty well by 6 months. You are definitely talented in the art department!

Anonymous said...

Ry Ry,
I like the additions. What else do you have planned.