Monday, November 2, 2009

Rida Rida Ranka

This brings back grandma use to do this to me as a little tike...all of my cousins, I guarantee, remember grandma doing this to them when they were young...oh the memories...this is an OLD Swedish nursery rhyme that has been passed on through the generations...
Rida, rida ranka
Ride, ride on my knee
Hasten heter Blanka
The horse's name is Blanka
Vart ska vi rida?
Where are we riding?
Till en liten piga.
A little girl
Jungfru Margareta,
Maiden Margareta,
Den tjocka och feta.
The fat and chubby.
Hope the translation is somewhat right...anyways ENJOY the makes me smile when I watch it...Thank you Grandma for EVERYTHING you have done in my life and now you can add a little joy to my kids lives...thank you.

Phoenix going for a ride with Great Grandma Leafblad (GG Ma)...
Until Next Time...BYE


Seth and Kelly said...

We do it to Mari too! I think that I forget to say some of the lines though, but we get the just of it! Oh the memories......

Cousin Megan said...

wow, somehow my version is a little different. thanks for the actual lyrics! see if grandma can fit all three on her leg at the same time :)

love the 3 peas in a pod btw, so cute. hope i can meet the lovely ladies sometime soon!