Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shake it out...

Just a quick post...Rogue has this new found joy of shaking her head "no"...I think its because of the doc band...but she will shake her head back at me if I shake it at is a video of me and her playing around...enjoy.

Rogue shaking her head at me...every time I shake my head at her she laughs then does it back...
Until Next Time...BYE


The Texas Trio said...

Funny now... just wait till it is accompanied by a "NO!" and a stomp of the foot:)

Keep the faith,


The Brandt-Feusi Family said...

ok so what is this doc helmet thingy and why does rogue have it?

Ryan said...

April - The Doc Band is to help shape her head ... her head was more of a square shape...the doc band only allows the skull to grow in certain spots...its a tool used to help make her head round...does that make sense?
Al - I know I am not looking forward to that stage at all...I will have three little girls doing it at the same time and three little girls heading to their bedroom.