Friday, November 27, 2009


Ok life is going along nice and sweet...babies begin to coo, awww cute...babies begin to babble, awww cute...babies start to mutter certain words, awww cute...babies learn how to "scream/shriek", awww shucks. Well so far Phoenix is the only who has figured it out but she LOVES to do it now. Its not a sad scream or a mad scream...its a "HELLO I'M OVER HERE" scream. Ear piercing blood curdling know the one...the one only little girls can perform. I had a little sister, who of course I tormented for many years, so I know "the" shriek that demands your attention and this is it. At first you check to see if she is hurt or in need of something but then you realize every time she does it she is soooo proud of herself. Then she does it again to see if she can get it louder, which of course she is always successful...she isn't at an age of understanding yet that when I say "stop" she stops...not like that day will ever are born to defy their parents aren't they, once again trust me I was one of them...I definitely gave my parents a run for their I guess its payback time and it starts with a scream. Here are a couple pictures...ENJOY.
All I saw was feet and was Jade.

Nix was hanging out under the times or at least she thought so.
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