Thursday, December 17, 2009

TEETH (Four of them)

Ok I don't understand...Rogue has all the hat (doc band)...first mover...first sitter...first roll over...first one born...and now the first, and only, one with teeth. She now has a total of four. Two top and two bottom all centered so it looks pretty funny. Whats going on with the other two? Where are their teeth? Not that I am complaining to much because Rogue's teeth are razor sharp and she still likes to gnaw on your fingers or hands as you hold forget the teeth thing until...CHOMP...AHHHHHHHH...yeah you guessed hurts a LOT. Its hard remembering which one your holding at which time throughout the every once in a while we still get bit...oh well the joys of parenthood I guess. One thing, so far, is that she hasn't figured out how to bite her sisters, so that is a good sign...not looking forward to that at all...oh are some pictures enjoy.
Rogue playing the piano...

Nix catching some Z's while hugging her zebra toy....
Until Next Time...BYE

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James said...

We are in the same boat with our youngest. 8 months old and no teeth. Our oldest had his first one at 5 months. We just thought they would be similiar, NOPE. They will come, but the waiting can be hard, especially if they are teething with no results.