Monday, January 11, 2010

Jiffy Screwed...ENJOY

Well I got a funny story...bear with me I am a little windy on this one but every detail is pertinent to the over all story...this past week I was being manly and decided to change the oil in the cars...I don't want to learn how to do it myself so as my father taught me "Just pay the man." So like I have always done I took my car to Jiffy Lube. Early this week I took the van in and had the oil done...they did their usual stuff of trying to get you to buy their over priced filters and wiper blades...they told me I needed to change the cabin filter and it would cost about $32 I quickly shot that down...I ran to Auto Zone and found out the filter cost $11.99...glad I didn't get screwed. Well the true humorous part came in when I took the wife's car in to get its oil changed...I went into the waiting area grabbed the paper (yup I dun learned how to read) when I sat down I overheard the head guy of Jiffy Lube running through his spiel to sell this and that to the lady in the waiting area...he kept pushing these "NEW" "Special" "Scientific" "Long-Lasting" wiper blade for $23 per blade...he also claimed there was no mark up on the blades what so ever because they cost so much (The blades in question are Rain-X blades...keep that in mind for later in the story). She was hesitant but succumbed to the pressure he was pushing and said "Yeah that's fine just do it." As soon as he headed back into the garage she looked at me and said "Did I just get screwed?" I softly said "Yeah I believe so. I never buy any of the extra stuff because of the outrageous mark ups they have on it." I then proceeded to tell her the story of the Minivan I had just had a couple days earlier...she was a little miffed but sucked it up and paid for them and left. (I didn't know this but they must have the waiting area miked because there is no way anyone could have heard me say anything to that lady) Then it was my turn to pay for my oil change ONLY...when in came the head guy of the shop a little loose at the lip at me...throwing swear words at me saying "I was stealing his livelihood" when I tell people that you can buy the stuff cheaper elsewhere...(Edited version) He ranted on about how it was Bull Donkey that I even opened my mouth...he then called me a "Flipping liar" about the price of the filter I found at auto zone...he then told me I should "stick to my own Stuff" because "I don't know anything about Flipping cars" and then he was like "How would you like it if ..." he trailed off and looked me right in the eyes and said "What do you do for a living?" thinking he was gonna throw this how would you like it if I blah blah blah crap. I paused...sadly I didn't quite know how to say it...never really been asked in that manner...I looked at him and said "I stay home and raise my kids." (I paused) He looks at me with a little smirk...I then proceed to say "Who happen to be triplets." (haha just kicked him in the face and the pause was timed perfectly) That shut him right up...he softly said "Really? How old?" His demeanor changed DRASTICALLY...I then said "Ten and a half months". Once the word months left my mouth he became VERY apologetic...sorry this and sorry that...he became a whole new person...he truly felt bad for going off on me and repeatedly apologized. I saw he was vulnerable so I laid some salt into his already gaping wound by adding in "Here's the kicker...they are ALL girls." He has a look of fear fall upon his face and muttered "I am so sorry for everything I said...I have two girls 9 and 11...they truly give me a run for my money...your job is and will be harder than mine has and will ever be so again I apologize for everything." I left there with a smile from EAR to EAR. I love the look on peoples face when they find out I stay home and the fact that they are triplets I care for...but the icing on the cake is the look on peoples face when they find out they are all girls. Now back to the wiper blade thing...I knew the wife's car needed new wiper blades on her car so I ran over to Walmart...walked over to the auto department...low and behold they had the SAME rain-X blades but for only $8.95-$11.95 per mark up my butt so I bought the inexpensive $4.95 per blade blade's I know I know I splurged but the $3.95 blades were sold time cheap blade's next time...
Hope you enjoyed that little story...have a great day.
That face is for you Jiffy Boob man...
Until Next Time...BYE


The Texas Trio said...

I LOVE it!!! Too funny!

Keep up the good work,


Alisha H. said...

That is crazy! It's amazing what people think they can get away with in sales. We've had a couple doozies but that definitely takes the cake! It's funny that people think that bullying and being rude will get them anywhere. I'm really glad he was apologetic.