Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Three babies in a TUB...(Pic)

Sick babies are NO FUN...this past Sunday the puke hit the fan in this house. It all started Saturday morning...Phoenix was COVERED in puke when she was removed from her crib in the was EVERYWHERE...she later threw up again all over grandma (thankfully it wasn't me...thanx mom)...Nix managed to keep it down for the most part for the rest of the evening except at dinner...yup it happened again...well they all went to bed pretty easily...I thought it might all be over...HA. The next day (Sunday) the flood gates opened up...morning started off ok...nobody seemed too hungry...lunch was the same way. Then BAM like a wave from about 3:00pm till 8:00pm we had 8 separate puking episodes. It was AWFUL...the puking was done by Monday but they were VERY crabby and tired all day long...who could blame them...we did have some casualties of war...we now have no carpet left on our main floor none of it made out alive...we did 5 loads of laundry, as soon as I would clean up one mess and put it all in the wash a new mess "ERUPTED"...
The total tallies:
Phoenix: 4 times
Rogue: 4 times
Jade: 3 times

After a puking episode by two of them we put them in the tub...time for mommy and daddy to RELAX...
It always looks funny when lil Jade is she shouldn't be able to...sooo small.
Rogue, Phoenix, and Jade
Until Next Time...BYE

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