Sunday, March 7, 2010

TRIPLET Taxes...

Number of diapers for triplets in a year: 6570 (not that I'm counting)
Number of laundry loads in a year: 140 (roughly)
Number of credit Cards used: ZERO
Number of incomes: ONE
The feeling of paying off a credit card AND a student loan: PRICELESS (triplets paid off ... taxes)
OK OK I know I have praised Dave Ramsey before...I HAVE to do it again. This man is a GENIUS...let me start with a little bit of a back story:
As DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) we managed to rack up $29,000 worth of debt in just credit cards and student loans. We knew we were in trouble but ignored ALL of the flashing lights around us...we continued to live in this blind fog until we got the triplet punch in the face. Once we found out we were having triplets we began to realize that we HAD to make a change. But we had no idea how this was going to be possible...we knew with three babies one of us needed to stay home...ta da...lucky me, I drew that straw (its worked out GREAT). We still had no idea how to dig our way out of this gaping hole in our lives...we heard a name "Dave Ramsey". We enrolled into Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University...BEST decision EVER. Followed his rules to a tee and it WORKS. Since starting the class we have not used a credit card since the triplets were born...YUP you heard me right...NO CREDIT CARDS. Also we incurred more debt...medically...go figure a month in the NICU costs money. To add to that the wife was the only income for the entire me it has been VERY scary. But we dove head first into the Dave Ramsey philosophy...and haven't regretted it one bit. To date, since the birth of the girls, we have paid off OVER $15,500 worth of our total debt. It has been an amazing ride and I can't believe we have been so successful, many thanks to family who have also helped out with this goal of being DEBT FREE...Check him out for yourself DAVE RAMSEY...
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Tara and Jamie McGuire said...

Hi Ryan and Megan-

We are so glad to hear that you did FPU and are being so successful at it. We are going through the class ourselves here as well and are loving it! You'll have to do a debt-free call into the show when you reach that point. Keep up the gazelle intensity and we look forward to seeing you this summer.

Tara and Jamie

Jessica Green said...

I'm a stranger who stumbled upon your blog - I usually lurk on people and don't comment, but I felt the need to congratulate you both! I'm a special education teacher and like to read the stories of families with preemies, multiples, and exceptionalities as a way to get my heart closer to the reason I do what I do.

My husband and I went through FPU as part of our premarital counseling and will have paid off about $15,000 in the year since we've started. Your guys' journey has been incredible, and to do it without using credit cards and working with gazelle intensity? Amazing!

Keep it up, you've got some beautiful girls on your hands!